Put the radio back to how it was!


Put the radio back to how it was!

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Not sure where to post this...
But, in the past two weeks, the Radio feature has been playing a LOT of strange and inappropriate songs.
For example, when listening to Yann Tiersen, every now and then it decides to play a techno song. Which has nothing to do with Yann Tiersen. At the moment I'm play Andrea Gagnon, which is very instrumental and piano based music, but the radio is constantly playing Chinese and Japanese songs. I've been listen to the Andrea Gagnon radio for months, and it's never ever played Chines music. Tonight it's played about 20! To my extreme annoyance.
What did you guys do to the radio algorithm to mess it up so bad?
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Re: Put the radio back to how it was!

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I've moved your topic over here in the music chat.

I don't really use the radio that often but I've also noticed some weird behaviour, lately:


I was playling a radio station on a rock/metal band and after like 10 songs I got "Nyan Cat Remix" (!!!). Seriously, that was odd - so maybe something is going on with the radio and more people can report similar issues here. Might be a bug after all, so if more people get weird experiences on the radio feel free to post here. 😉