Reggae - Best reggae music?

Reggae - Best reggae music?

I'm expanding my music tastes a bit and exploring reggae music. Any suggestions? Underground & mainstream suggestions are welcome! Thank you 🙂 

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Hi @M_Marie, well, obviously the classics Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Toots and The Mayals, Black Uhuru, Steel Pulse, Aswad, The Skatalites, Mad Professor, Alpha Blondy, Yellowman, Gregory Isaacs, Lee Scratch Perry, etc.



And if you like them, you can check out reggae music made in other places of the world like this:

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I share with you this guy from my country, Richie Campbell. I think he brings something different to reggae so this one can be an alternative!


Can't find the original version on Spotify, so, here's the live one 🙂



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Awesome, thanks for the playlist share. I am a reggae/ska/junglist artist if you hear any of my songs that you like please feel free to add to your playlist, Thanks! - Exodus

Dear friend if your trying to expand your reggae music rep you will not be able to do that on Spotify... Try typing in “ Third World” or “Bunny Rugs”  and you’ll see what I mean.... Reggae music has been held down by white mainstream companies for as long as I can remember... Nothing’s changed over the years... unless they have had top 50 UK chart success you won’t find them here... 

Why pay £10 per month when you can invest in an audio cd to play when ever you want.. instead of relying on

1) Have you paided your subscrbtion this month? Because your on Benifits and only get paided monthly... only to find your payday no longer matches your Spotify payment day. Because of the @#%# gregorian calender Businesses uses to creat confusion 

2) You’ve run out of Data because that week you decided to listen to more music than you do normally 

3) You don’t listen to most main stream rock or pop. Simply because your from a different culture and there music isn’t really your cup of tea... 

4) Beres Hammond, Third World, Bunny Rugs, Inner circle The Mighty Diamonds, Beshara, Benjy Myaz and Peter Hunnigale are who?    Subbas99  No I’m not a robot!




I am reggae artist in the Virgin Islands known as Exodus. I am contacting you to introduce you to my artist page here on Spotify. I would love for you to listen to an album or single and give us a review and perhaps even follow my artist page. If you need any more information please feel free to contact me.


Sincerely - Exodus


Check out RFUK’s ‘2019 UK Reggae Singles Playlist’ The playlist contains UK Reggae singles released in 2019 as listed on the Reggae Fraternity UK website. Listen to the full playlist here >>








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