Release dates between countries


Release dates between countries


Does anyone know how to find release dates for music in different countries? kind of want to listen to new Mockingjay soundtrack (kiwi proud :-D) through spotify as its showing up in my New Releases, but when i click on it, none of the songs are available to listen to in my region - Australia.

Am really frustrated with geo-blocking and realise its the recording companies working on antiquated business models so I cant bag spotify, but is equally frustrating that its showing up and greyed out.


any help or knowledge appreciated



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Re: Release dates between countries

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can't say something about release dates in general (as they are completely related to a certain release), but for the Mockingjay soundtrack I've found this on wikipedia:


The soundtrack was released on the Australian and New Zealand iTunes store on November 14th and was released worldwide through Republic Records on November 17, 2014.[10][11] on October 21, 2014, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 soundtrack was revealed.

 Which means the label/legal owner doesn't want it to be available (in Australia) on Spotify (yet?). I'd wait a little longer or directly write the label an email and ask about that.

Re: Release dates between countries

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With a bit of practise, you can pull the country availability for an album/artist from the web api:

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Re: Release dates between countries



@carina thanks, never thought to just jump on wikipedia and have a look - ill remember to go there first in future haha
youtube it is for the time being 🙂

@peter that looks interesting, ill have to check it out -thanks!