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Olafur Arnalds collaborated with Nils Frahm again, this time meeting up in a studio in Berlin and improvising for about 8 hours. The result was an unedited selection of about 40 minutes of pure, melancholic, improvised piano duet. Arnalds tracks piano like no one else I've heard, keeping his mics millimeters away from the strings and capturing every nuance of his instrument. It's really beautiful and worth a listen.

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Always love a bit of Foo Fighters or Queens of the Stone Age!

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Hey! That is great to read, any favorite songs you listened to recently by the Foo Fighters or Queens of the Stone Age? 🙂


I thought the Foo Fighters documentary movie of their lastest release Sonic Highways, I thought the documentary was rather well done and showcased some great history of U.S. music origins, and also highlighed some famous recording studios that had a part to play in it all.

The lastest release by QOTSA from 2013 was rather popular and is always a good listen anytime:


I also like the very early work of Josh Homme's old stoner rock band Kyuss. The release below from around 1994 is rather good, but I like allot of the material the band did before it evolved towards the end of the band Kyuss into QOTSA. The music of Kyuss is within the type of bands like Clutch, Fu Manchu, Monster Magnet, Masters of Reality, and Orange Goblin.

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I remember seeing Kyuss and Monster Magnet videos on late night ITV before we had the internet!  The mountain of VHS tapes - thank goodness for Spotify nowadays  😉  


Personally I tend to listen to one or two bands more than anything, but I try to branch out & listen to their artist radio's too  



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For those who got on board with the Beatlemania kick when their content got added to Spotify. These three Anthology collections of rarities, b-sides, demos, and odds and ends from the bands career landed a while back. For the music completist types only though, the three volume set includes two Lennon demos resurrected by the surviving members from around the 95-96 era re-releasing of material, with producing and mixing help from long time Beatles fan Jeff Lynn of E.L.O. fame.




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Artists: 3dg, bmth, asking alexandria, RED, breaking benjamim, Slipknot, Alter Bridge .... a lot of epic bands


Purpose: To gain motivation to study xD



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Artist: They Might Be Giants
Release: Phone Power
Year: March 18th 2016
Labels: Idlewind Recordings
Style of Music: Alternative rock
Origins: Lincoln, Massachusetts, Brooklyn, NYC, U.S.

This release is the third compilation composed entirely of songs from the Dial-a-Song promotion that the artist has been doing over the years.


The other two compilation releases composed of Dial-a-Song promotions.


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Artist: Proto-Kaw
Release: Before Became After (Remix)
Year: April 29th, 2016 Re-release, original release year 2004

Labels: InsideOut (2004), Numavox (2016)
Style of Music: Progressive Rock
Origins: Originally, Topeka, Kansas


Some music history for those not into the known and back history of this recording project from the wikipedia page:


"In the early 1970s, the band Kansas went through three incarnations, the common member in all three being composer and guitarist Kerry Livgren. The sound of the band changed along with the group members. Proto-Kaw is a modern name given to the second version of Kansas, whose arrangements prominently featured guitar, keyboards, and saxophone (an instrument not found in the following line-up.) The famous Kansas was actually the third edition of the band, and before a name change it was the third incarnation of Topeka band White Clover.


Formed in 1971 and disbanding in 1973, "Kansas II" played mostly original material written by Livgren. After Kansas II broke up, the group went their separate ways with Livgren reaching fame with the more-popular Kansas and the others assuming normal lives. Then in 2002, the band's demos saw release as Early Recordings from Kansas 1971-1973, which gave the band the new moniker Proto-Kaw. The name was derived from the words Proto ("original"), and Kaw (the root of the word Kansas, referring to a Native American tribe). Most members had not had any contact with each other for the intervening 30 years and many did not play music during this time. However, when they came together to celebrate the album's release, they rediscovered their old chemistry. Proto-Kaw reformed and at last got to record its first proper album, "Before Became After" (2004)."


Very nice music here, has a nice Folk rock/progressive rock feel throughout and there are touches of the early Kansas sound here and there which will be familiar to music listeners of the progressive rock band, the version that went on to stardom later on in the mid 70's-80's. The flutes and keyboard work, with the progressive rock elements make this a really special recording done by some of the early original members 30 years later.



    • Lynn Meredith - vocals, narration
    • John Bolton - saxophones, flute
    • Kerry Livgren - guitars, piano, keyboards, Engineer
    • Dan Wright - organ, keyboards, percussion
    • Craig Kew - bass, background vocals
    • Brad Schulz - drums

Additional credits:

  • Jake Livgren - background vocals
  • Rod Mikinski - bass, "Axolotl"
  • Eva Peterson - background vocal, "It Moves You"


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Hey @, sorry for the slow reply! 


I watched Sonic Highways. It was really interesting to find out about the influences they picked up in every recording space. The bands and artists featured were so diverse too, and I discovered some new bands to listen to. (Gary Clarke Jr is brilliant!).


I totally agree with you. QOTSA's "Like Clockwork" was fantastic. I saw them live a while ago when the album first came out, and they played it in it full, in order. If you have never seen them live, they're definitely worth checking out! Also, kudos to mentioning Kyuss. Great band! 


As for the Foos, I'm a bit of a hardcore fangirl, so anything they do, I instantly like. Some more so than others. Their "Saint Cecila EP" was pretty good, and a new surprise, considering they released it for free. Sonic Highways was a strong effort, although not everyone 100% agrees with me. There's no denying that a lot of their classics reside on "The Colour & the Shape" though. 


Glad to hear that someone else appreciates these two bands as much as me! 🙂