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Artist: Third Eye Blind
Release: We Are Drugs E.P.
Year: New October 7th, 2016
Labels: Mega Collider Records
Style of Music: Alternative Rock
Origins: San Francisco, California, U.S.


The band members have been stating since 2012 they intended to release Mini E.P. releases instead of full length releases from here on out. Seems the Dopamine E.P. with also the much large full album release of the same name has begun this trend for the band. So far this second E.P. is an interesting mix of Alternative Rock music styles. According to the release wiki page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/We_Are_Drugs, the band only had a week for recording this and did things in a spontaneous way, and whatever music direction was come up with the band roll with it and did something interesting here. 7 tracks here with this release, and each of the 7 tracks has a unique music twist. Take it for a few spins.


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Ah, so pleased some of the demos got released. I had a bootleg cd of them years ago & I love hearing how songs evolve from a demo to the final song. Some of the songs on here are just so raw with emotion in Chris Cornell's ever amazing vocal.

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Artist: Kings of Leon
Release: WALLS
Year: New October 14, 2016
Labels: RCA Records, Sony Music Entertainment
Style of Music: Rock / Alternative Rock
Origins: Nashville, Tennessee, U.S. 

Well the 7th release by K.O.L. has arrived, it is a rather moody release this one, has some rather interesting twists musically for the band. Sometimes Rolling Stone Magazine really irritates me, makes me wonder if their music critics actually listen to music or just post a bunch of B.S. about releases? Anyway I like this release, but then have always found K.O.L. music to be of interest to me, eh. One of a hand full of bands from the Southern U.S. who have been able to take the classic Southern Rock / Hard Rock vibe, and take the music genre in a new direction musically over the years. Take this release for a few spins, somehow like all work by K.O.L. the music grows on you, seeps into your skin and bones, and feels familiar as a warm Summer breeze going by.


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Artist: Hardline
Release: Human Nature
Year: New October 14th, 2016
Labels: Frontier Records
Style of Music: Hard Rock / AOR 
Origins: Originally Hollywood, California, U.S. Now the band has an international draw of musicians.


New release with a currently lineup of:

  • Johnny Gioeli (Vocals)
  • Alessandro Del Vecchio (Keyboards, 2011–present)
  • Josh Ramos (Guitars 2002–2009, 2012–present)
  • Anna Portalupi (Bass, 2011–present)
  • Francesco Jovino (Drums, 2011–2012, 2014–present)

Rather straight forward hard rock sound, much more AOR focused musically, has a hard driving music direction. The lead singer Johnny Gioeli being the only original member from it's early 90's heyday with Neil Schon on the six string. Johnny seems to have a kind of Jon Bon Jovi sound in his voice now here on this release, and so fans of Bon Jovi's hard rock direction early in their career might go for this release. This Hardline lineup does the hard driving music justice here, kind of has a Joe Lynn Turner/Blackmore Rainbowish feel musically but in a modern way, with a nice hard driving edge to the music. Which should mean something as Joe Lynn Turner's solo band Sunstorm: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6jB65Zq6NTxjrhVVLFdHn4 is on the same label Frontier Records as Hardline, as well as Joe's other side super group, Rated X: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0d8HJ1IaiG77LL8nhfQP5I

Anyway take this new release for a few spins, for fans of AOR music in general.


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Just to highlight some content I have gotten around to that showed up on New Music Friday November the 4th, 2016.


As some Spotify users might have noticed the Neil Young discography of his solo content that was released over the years away from the CSNY collaborations effort, Young's solo various works has showed back up on the Spotify service on three main artist pages:

Neil Young - https://open.spotify.com/artist/6v8FB84lnmJs434UJf2Mrm

Neil Young & Crazy Horse - https://open.spotify.com/artist/1jVuLlkfKibBT0hXDnzQjp

Neil Young + Promise of the Real -https://open.spotify.com/artist/2XxfwJ8GFIwpwaHh6oL3PT - note content from this recent solo collaboration effort can be found on just the Neil Young artist page as well.


Since Neil Young's content has come back on the Spotify service, a couple of new releases showed up this past Friday that caught my attention from the last time his content was on the Spotify service.


First up:

Artist: Neil Young
Release: Bluenote Café

Year: November 13, 2015
Labels: Reprise
Style of Music: Rock / RnB / Blues Rock
Origins: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


I will just basically link to the wiki page on the information for this release, as the release has many recorded live tracks from different dates and locations, as this is Young's 11th archive release in his series of content he has been releasing over the years: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bluenote_Caf%C3%A9 This release has recorded live material from Young's foray into classic 50's era Rock and RnB direction Young went into during the late 80's era of his recording output.



Next up:

Artist: Neil Young, Promise of the Real
Release: Earth
Year: June 17th, 2016
Labels: Reprise
Style of Music: Rock / Folk Rock
Origins: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada + Venice, Los Angeles, California, U.S.


A live release of content during the Rebel Content Tour of 2015, live album contains animal / nature sounds throughout the live set list of songs.



Last up:

Artist: Queen
Release: On Air - 2 Disc Edition: The Complete BBC Sessions
Year: November 4th, 2016

Labels: Virgin EMI, Hollywood

Style of Music: Hard Rock
Origins: London, England, U.K.


The 2 disc set of this release of basically content recording at the BBC recording studio over the band's career years of early February 1973 - late October 1977.


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Royal Blood - Royal Blood


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Artist : Silent Elephant

Independant rock from the north of France, got some local popularity but still hasn't broken through. 

Deserves more recognition imo 🙂 (special mention to dusk hu)



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currently listening to: (and some classic sabbath ofcourse)


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