Searching for Roots Reggae Song - Help!?!


Searching for Roots Reggae Song - Help!?!


Hi all - I am trying to identify a roots reggae song that my Dad recorded from the weekly reggae show on Philly's WDAS FM sometime in the very early 90's. We have a clip of the song (or songs - if this was a DJ max-up/mix). That said, Shazam is unable to identify it. Musixmatch and Soundhound also came up empty.

The song (or songs) have two distinct vocalists, one very young sounding, the second very mature. The clip that we have captured begins with a younger voice singing "to you, this one dedicated to you/ to you and especially you"

Then, a more mature voice sings what sounds like "praise Jah in this century" then "praise Him for his mighty hands". Then "so I will say farewell to all babylon world"

Then the younger (or female?) singer "rock it in a rub-a-dub style"...then "the people dem a fight, the people dem a scream, the people dem a say..."

Last part we can make out - "me tell a this one a tell this one is international".

The zapping noise that appears three times around 1:10 is not part of the song. That's my Dad adjusting cords 20 years or so ago.

Also - the end of the clip is obviously mixing in with "Coming In From the Cold" by Marley.  My Dad and I are dying to identify this track so we can buy the album.  Any help you can offer is hugely appreciated.


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