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Share a pioneering album for a genre you listen to


Share a pioneering album for a genre you listen to

Is there an album that you enjoy listening to, which helped define or develop an emerging (sub)genre of music? Feel free to share!


One of my current favorite genres of music is stoner rock, the influences of which can be traced to proto-metal and psychedelic/heavy rock bands during the 60s and 70s, such as Blue Cheer, Leaf Hound, and Sir Lord Baltimore; as well as more widely known artists from these genres, such as Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. However, the stoner rock genre was only pioneered later, during the early 1990s by bands such as Fu Manchu, Kyuss, Monster Magnet, and Sleep. Their sound helped define the core elements of stoner rock, with slow- to mid-tempo songs and a heavily distorted, groove-laden, bass-heavy sound.


One of the first stoner rock albums was Blues For The Red Sun, released in 1992 by Kyuss and considered by many as a landmark and highly influential album in this genre. Interestingly, in order to produce the distortion that can be heard on the album, guitarist Josh Homme tuned his guitars down two steps to C and plugged them into bass amplifiers:



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1972 JJ Cale 

1957 Carl Perkins 

Love blues & Blues Rock. These gentlemen were legends in their own time the same way people talk about Eric Clapton & Stevie Ray Vaughn now.

Hey folks, 


Let me join this cool thread. 


The genre I'm listening to is called trip hop/downtempo and the pioneering album I've selected is Dummy by Portishead. This is the band's debut album and was released in 1994. It helped confirm the reputation of Bristol, where the band comes from, as the capital of trip hop, also called "the Bristol sound". 


The album wasn't recorded digitally and the band used some hip-hop techniques for making it: sampling, scratching, and loops.


According to reviewers, the album is a great debut, but very sad at the same time. My favorite tracks here are StrangersWandering Star and Numb.   



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