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Share an artist from whom you like just one song


Share an artist from whom you like just one song

Are there any artists you listen to, who currently have only released one song that you like? If so, feel free to share a link to the artist, as well as to the one song of theirs that you think sounds great!  


You can also feel free to share about whether this one song that you like by an artist is their most-streamed track or a less-played song, as well as anything else that you’d like to mention about the song.


For me, one example that comes to mind is the psychedelic/space/stoner/post-rock band Ahkmed; I only like their most-streamed track on Spotify, “T=0,” but I think it’s a great track, so I’ve saved it to my library and some of my playlists, and I’m following Ahkmed on Spotify as well.




Another example for me is the stoner rock/heavy psych band Arctic. I only like their song “Daewon,” which isn’t Arctic’s most-streamed track on Spotify—however, I think it sounds great, so I’ve included it in my library as well as some of my playlists; and I’m following Arctic on Spotify, too.





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