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Share an artist you’ve appreciated more over time


Share an artist you’ve appreciated more over time

Is there any artist that you’ve gradually enjoyed listening to more over time? Or perhaps they released a new album that you really liked, increasing your appreciation of their music?


Feel free to share, as well as to elaborate on any possible reasons for why you listen to the artist more so in the present compared to in the past.


One such artist that has grown on me over time is the stoner/doom metal band Sleep:


While I had listened to their Sleep’s Holy Mountain album as early as high school, I only really liked a couple of songs from that album at the time (“Dragonaut” and “Holy Mountain”). However, in recent years Sleep have become one of my favorite bands, with 13 songs of theirs saved to my Spotify library.


You can also see in my library that since joining at the end of 2018, my scrobbles (plays) for Sleep have increased considerably each year:


Screen Shot 2021-10-31 at 3.32.12 PM.png


I can’t say I’m sure of the exact reasons why I’ve been listening to Sleep more often over time. However, during the past few years I’ve been enjoying listening to a lot of stoner rock/doom metal on Spotify, of which Sleep is one representative artist; so my best guess is that a shift in my music taste towards these genres of music has steered me towards a greater appreciation of Sleep’s music.



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