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Share your music thread! ALL GENRES


Share your music thread! ALL GENRES

Show the best music that YOU have made of ANY genre, to show the best of the spotify community. If you like another person's music, reply and tell them what you think of their songs!

63 Replies

Hey @nc_mgmt I really liked the production quality and the intro melody is dope!!!! 

Here´s mine, is a really chill and groovie lo-fi. Hope to hear your feedback as well bro. 


Keep it up. 

aye that song lit bro that bass go crazyyy! 


keep it up bro 


here is one of my best songs

yo i love the groove you got going man fr, really smooth stuff 😄 

love your style bro keep it up


here is my songs if you wanna give me some feedback



Great idea! Here is ours, enjoy !


GENRE : Southern  Metal

This is a very unique sounding track, I enjoyed it! Sounds like something you would hear while a GTA mission is loading haha 

I enjoyed Low Soul, was really groovy and chill. Rest of them were good as well but that one stood out to me specifically 

Thanks for the feedback @nc_mgmt, send me a messeage whenever you release new music. I´ll gladly hear it (:

I released my Alternative Pink piece today hope you like it 😄

Buzzy I can picture you blowing up soon! This songs a jam!!!

Check mine out too!



that sounds very nice man!


i've just released a new song today 🙂

Catchy Indie Rock song


<iframe src="" width="300" height="380" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" allow="encrypted-media"></iframe>

Party-playlist! This includes both english and norwegian party music. The norwegian party music comes from these "russ"-groups 🙂 It's a really cool and interesting graduating topic and concept, just look it up:))


Thank you for sharing and following the playlist!



Sticky Fingers, Ocean Alley, Mako Road, Hockey Dad, Skegss, The Jungle Giants, Tash Sultana, Lime Cordiale, The Shamblés & many more. Surf & skate-Indie rock-Reggae rock-Reggae fusion-Psychedelic rock-Alternative music


This post was removed for violating the Community Terms and Conditions, specifically "Avoid double posting". Any users posting the same content multiple times will have their posts removed. For more information please read here:

here's a new release i dropped with some friends recently! any feedback welcome

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