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Share your music with the Community


Share your music with the Community

Many of the active users both in Spotify and in the Community are creating their own music. If you'd like to share your band with the group please post here. 


Please note though that if you would like to promote your own music we ask that under 10% of your posts in the Community be about your own work. You have to be a regular poster within the boards to gain the ability to promote your own music.


Once you've become a contributor in the boards feel free to share websites, Spotify Play Buttons, etc. Thanks folks.



361 Replies

Features top artist! great for a drive or a chill night. Enjoy!


Well, I'm literally just about to release my new single on Friday, but you can go check out my other 2 tracks currently if you would all like! The one song has been on a playlist with over 20k followers for a month now which is awesome!! Hope you guys like my music as much as I love yours!

Here is my song, a writed it at new year (that's the reason of the name) because i was sad missing someone and just before the countdown i sat at my piano and start to write this. So, i hope you like it and i will be really glad if you can share.


Please give it a try 🙂

Hi, everyone.

I've just released a new track called 'I can Take It!'. It's a nice House track. Please listen to it/ put on your playlist, and/or follow my music profile on Spotify. I'll follow back. Thank you and have a nice Sunday.

You can find more of my music on my profile here:

This is my multi-genre vibe! sort by recently added for the latest feel good tunes. Look forward to exploring all of your tastes as well.


Also my study playlist which is more ambient and chill, perfect for relaxing or studying.




I just made my first release on Spotify. Its an ambient and spacey sounding EP.
Please listen, share and follow if you like it 🙂




Hey guys, I am Arye. I am looking to grow my following on Spotify. I started it back in 2014. I am about to break 100 followers. Please help

this heat

please presave this new song i have coming out. new releases are very important to me

 we wanted to share our new single "MA BOY"....We hope you like


This post was removed for violating the Community Terms and Conditions, specifically "Avoid double posting". Any users posting the same content multiple times will have their posts removed. For more information please read here:

Hello I wanted to share my latest single with the community board if you are free take out the time to take a listen to my work.




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