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Sharing my playlists!


Sharing my playlists!

Hello!! If you stuble across this, I would love if you gave my playlists a look. I'm always updating my playlists and creating new ones because I'm very passionate about music. The playlist linked to this post is my biggest one with almost 1000 songs!! I've worked hard to create it and it would mean alot if you checked it out and gave it a follow.

2 Replies

hey Lumos, great playlist. I was planning to listen some of the songs you've added in here but always procrastinated. 

I admire your enthusiasm and care into crafting this playlist. I am actually working on an app where you can better publish and share a playlist (or any kind of music) and I desperately need feedback for the first iteration. please send me a reply if you are keen to have a discussion.


I saved it to spotify for my bf he's gonna love this!!

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