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Slowed + reverb


Slowed + reverb

Hi, I'm thinking of uploading slowed & reverb versions of songs onto Spotify since i'm tired of having to listen to them on Youtube. Is that difficult? Would a distributor let me do that or is that like stealing or something?
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Hey @Amini 


You won't be able to do that, because yes, that will be copyright infringement and theft.
You can, however, get those slowed-reverbed songs on your Local Files, which then allows you to make playlists of them on Spotify. You'll be the only one able to listen to these, as the songs in question are stored on your device.

See this article for more information about Local Files feature!


Hope this helps, have a lovely day ๐Ÿ™‚

If u do what the first guy said and get allowed by the original creator is that fine?

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