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Songs about unrequited love


Songs about unrequited love

Hey guys! I'm looking for some new music to listen to, and I'm trying to make a new playlist about unrequited feelings. If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them. I'll get this thing going by reccomending one of my personal favorite songs at the moment, For the Best by Gregory and the Hawk. It can be interpreted differently for everyone, but it's basically about this relationship thats doomed to fail. Anyways, give me some ideas. Thank you!

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I would definitely consider this song to be about unrequited love, or unrequited feelings, rather.

The storyteller explains that he is drunk at a party and his best friend's girlfriend is having a terrible time so he goes to talk to her and starts thinking that there might be something there between the two of them. He takes her actions the wrong way and, well, it doesn't go according to plan!

Great song from a really great album.

How about a one-sided relationship that is ending?

This one is more like the artist is being left behind and ignored by his significant other, who seems to have fallen out of love with him.



This song is about Paris and all that idea entails, very longing:

Here is one. The lyrics are pretty straight forward.

This song 100% has that feel. I hope you guys can feed the fire of sadness in love!


Hey jhanna, which song are you talking about? You make it sound really good, but either you removed the link to it or never posted one. Thanks!

This is the perfect song then!

I selected this track that definitely is about unrequited love and love the French part

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This is from my band, it is about unrequited love, but in a light way 🙂

I just started a playlist related to this, gonna look through the suggestions here too!

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