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Songs are changing from the original language


Songs are changing from the original language

I am in the UK and I listen to a lot of K-pop. I have recently discovered that Spotify have changed a few of the songs that I listen to (especially from Itzy) from the original Korean version of the song to the English version without me changing it, and specifically, without my approval. Why is Spotify doing this? Is there a way that I can change the songs back to the original version without changing the order of the songs? This doesn't just happen in a playlist, it happens in my liked songs as well. Also, can Spotify please stop changing the songs? If I wanted to listen to the English versions, I would have had them in the first place! Please and thank you

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I agree! This makes it incredibly difficult to look for songs I like because I don’t know the English translation of their names. I don’t understand why there is no option for multilinguals. This was previously possible, so why take this step backwards?

This just started happening to my songs in a playlist. So annoying, I can't tell what song titles are any more because they are translated to English. To make it worse, it is a literal translation. If you feel strongly about this, please go upvote in the ideas forum to leave songs in the original language and have the translated title in brackets.


Just to add, the translations are worse than I first thought, sometimes they are literal translations, for others it is just a changed from pronunciation of the foreign language to English. Eg. a song called 屋頂 (literal translation is 'roof top') was translated as 'Wu Ding' a phonic translation, and another song in my library 處處吻 was translated as 'everywhere kiss' as the literal translation, not phonic. This is so inconsistent, I wish Spotify would just leave everything in the original language. There were a few suggestions in the Closed Ideas Forum about this (ie. it didn't affect enough people to get votes to leave the original language song title). They are also translating the album names as well, holy **bleep**, that is another story...

I hate this change!!

Yeah, this happened to me too. Except it's much worse in my case because Cantonese people don't use Mandarin Chinese transliteration (Romanization of sounds) so every song from Hong Kong got "translated" into indecipherable nonsense like "Yi Qie Cong Ren Xing Kai Shi" ....I mean what the actual flek. If someone from Mainland Chinese knows Pinyin then they might be able to figure it out but to someone who speaks a non-Mandarin dialect trying to find a NON-MANDARIN SONG this is absolutely killing my account. Now I can't even use it at all.

I went into support chat and they told me to switch app language to Chinese which I don't want to do because then I'd have to figure out the TECHNICAL TERMS for those operations IN MANDARIN. Now I don't even know what I'm doing in the app!

Changing app language to Chinese helps with searching for new songs but the playlist (which I spent YEARS building) is still completely ruined and stuck Romanized. Support told me that after changing language setting in PC desktop app (this is in addition to the mobile app because desktop app changes are supposedly global) I should wait 48 hours to see if my playlist is changed. Meanwhile I'm stuck with an unusable playlist because someone at Spotify doesn't understand how some other languages WORK.

I really hope it works otherwise support will be hearing back from me in 48 hours.

This change is a complete FAIL:
1. The changes aren't opt-in, they just shove it to people without caring how it might affect anyone

2. The changes aren't completely reversible even after reinstalling the mobile app

3. It assumes people want to use one language for everything (if you want English, it's English everything, if you want Chinese, it's Chinese everything even if you can't figure out what in the world the technical terms for app operations are)


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