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Songs that left a mark in your life


Songs that left a mark in your life

Hi guys!


There is always a special song that remains in our mind during the ages because it left a mark of an important moment of our lives.


The aim of this thread is to share a song that is important for you and it could be cool if you'll share also something about the story around it!


I'll started with:





Pure Morning by Placebo is a really important track for me because it marked a drastic change in my life.

It was a dark time where I wasn't able to finish anything: I didn't find motivation. But this song, I don't know why, it gaves me the strength to go on and not look back.
I changed studies, friends and I started a new sport discipline at the same time.

Finally I got a tattoo with these words: Day's dawning, skin's crawling.


Come on, don't be shy and have fun! 🙂




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Ahh that is an easy one and the song should say enough about it's context. Way to personal to recount on a public forum but the song should speak for itself.


Alright!.  This song opened the door of metal for me. The curious thing about this is that this song is not exactly a metal song but it was written by one metal band! I was a kid and before this song I just listened to some classic and alternative rock. After this song came out, I went back in time to listen all its discography and became a metal fan and started to like other metal bands!. This tune is not the best of this group but It certainly has a special feeling for me. In those years I was also impressed by its music video too.


Metallica - Unforgiven II (Reload 1997)



This one!!! This describes how much I love my music I listen (Dancecore) and my friend(s), which I can count on half of my another hand...


I simple love it... Stream it from Spotify!!! It makes you feel happy what you havve!!


Cool thread @user-removed. My special song is "Repulsion" by Dinosaur Jr. It was in my teens when i didn't have much friends and no one was listening to my kinda music. It was in the beginning of the 90s so no community forum to share your thoughts 🙂 Anyway, this song (and the whole album) was the soundtrack of my life then.



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I'm going  to choose Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd because it's my favourite song on the album that had the most impact on my life. Before hearing this I'd never knew that you could have albums based on specific concepts with sound effects and songs joining from one to another. It gave me, at the impressionable age of 12, a revelatory incite into what could be considered art.





Good pick of a song, too bad I was not old enough for live shows then to see the band perform this album live during it's heyday. I have read articles about how the stage was slowly built using a fake wall stage prop in front of the band.

Deerhunters new record has helped me pick myself up after some tragedy in my life... Could be a contender for one of my albums of the year.



Loving these songs! It's a neat way to get a sneakpeak into other's lives - which songs touched them. As an artist, Nine Inch Nails and other industrial artists were extremely formative. But I also listened to a lot of artists like Billy Joel (tame by comparison!), dance artists like The KLF. Vangelis was king in my ears as well - and he wins for this thread!

Vangelis' work on the Chariots of Fire Soundtrack definitely started the park in my heart for what music could do, even as young as 5 years old. I owe a lot to him in inspiring my own musical works:



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This is certainly going to sound stupid ( it sounds dumb even as i think  it...) Basically every good song i've  heard has affected me in one way or another, With truly great pieces of music you can often times feel the total emotional content the artist puts into it, And if you can open your mind pretty much any soulfull and deliberate song can change the way you think, And for me it's even more than that, i've always had this weird chill/tingling sensation when i hear any trully amazing pieces ( it's actually one of the ways i add songs, If it makes my head tingle its Amazing) ... BUT if i had to chose, it would probably be pink floyd or the doors  The formative influences those artists had on me as a young child are nothing short of astounding now that i think on it... It helped let me see, hear and feel intensely adult themes at a VERY young age.... Well that and my hippy free love peace promoting pagan mother... lol

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Picking Up Where i Left Off.




Great picks, Pink Floyd's whole release of Animals is a master piece of ambiguous story telling, a story lyrical theme that can be taken several different ways depending on the listeners point of view while listening to it.


But for The Doors I would have gone for the more haunting inspired song of The End.


@user-removed : And what is your story behind that song by the Doors. That's the most interesting part of this topic, why was this song so important for you? 

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Well that is the fun part, read the lyrics to the song from here:


The concepts Morrison brought out into the song lyrics are haunting and the content of what is being convened is well so raw and harsh, and somewhat chaotic at least of his time and when the song was recorded, but the songs content can be easily applied to today. Life, Death, Birth, Rebirth, letting go of things or somethings?


It is one of those songs that can have multiple meanings from the perspective listener when engaged with the song. A modern day genius crazy lunatic was Morrison.


And also the other thing is this song was an improvisation song they used to do live at the Whiskey a go go a still popular local bar/live venue for musicians today in California. In fact it got The Doors fired by the venue as they used to play double sets at the club/venue often and had to stretch out their songs into bluesy/jazzy improvisations to fill their live sets, like many musicians at that time they were forced to play double shows in the same day and night, usually an afternoon show and then later on an evening show. The Doors, Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane and many other musicians often played double shows on the same day at some of these same venues. Morrison would belt out the words about F--k The Mother and Kill the Father in this song from the Whiskey, these lyrics would eventually get censored from the original studio recording, and not be restored until the 1999 reissue. But Morrison would sing the original lyrics as intended live and it would end up causing all kinds of trouble for him and the band, as many song lyrics that Morrison sang often made him a target of the then censorship authorities of music that was going on in the States with Morrison. And also the fact that there is a whole story behind how this track was recorded in the studio in just two takes, something rather unheard of as modern music songs are recorded often in many multiple takes. 

Interesting to read the (hi)story behind the song, but to repeat my question, what does it mean to you personally? 🙂 (or is that to personal to share?)

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Everlong by the Foo Fighters, besides having an amazing sound to me, it always came in special periods of my life.

When you believe everything goes wrong and then you meet someone who changes your life, you wonder if it will last forever

And sometimes the answer is even "yes"!



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I was always a fan of brit bands like Stone Roses, Pulp, etc.  But this song struck a cord with me the first time i heard it and caused me to dive deep into the realm of Brit Pop.

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This song reminds me of every **bleep**ed up thing that had happened, but has also helped me going through some changes.

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I'm half lying saying this changed my life but it sorta did. The song is dope.

My special song is "I will not bow" by breaking Benjamin because before I even liked music (yes there was a time when I didn't like music) my parents always listened to metal and this song is the song I actually ended up liking and without the song I doubt I would like metal. Even though the song isn't one of my favorites it still had a big impact on me.

I guess the song that has left me with the most significant mark was this one




Why did I choose this song? I would like to say there were many different reasons, but it's actually only two different reasons why I liked this song. First of those two was, back when it came out, it was a very inspirational, uplifting song. I listen to music with the message (like Alessia Cara) and Fireworks had a great message in the music. Going through rough childhood wasn't neat and this was one of many things that helped me pull through to who I am today.


Secondly, the music video had a cute gay couple, and back then I was struggling with my own sexuality because I didn't know why I have feelings for men more than women. I slowly realize that I was gay and this was probably the first time I saw a same-sex couple featured in a music video and it made me feel like I was worth something and I was special.


So, one song that left a mark in my life? That song. 

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