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Songs with artists names


Songs with artists names

The idea is very simple. To post songs whose titles are names of artists. They can be singers, musicians, actors, actresses, etc.


I start with:


Now, it's your turn....



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113 Replies

Also mentions Lisa Kudrow in the song 


Referring to Kanye West


Not sure what such a sad song has to do with actor/comedian Bill Murray but I don't think they could be referring to anyone else



Lt. Dan - Stay outside. (Refers to the character from Forrest Gump)

Jefferson Aero Plane - Relient k (Refers to the artist Jefferson Airplane)

Shakira - nobigdyl. (Refers to the artist Shakira)

I've got one and im suprised no ones mentioned it

The whole of Young Thugs album, Jeffery, is filled with artists names. All influences of his, including Wyclef Jean, RiRi and Kanye West.

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@rossi1911 @LionScale @Audiozobe @bhughes5805 @jnj1 @carlalee_

All added to the playlist!!!

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Mentions Marilyn Manson, Courtney Love, Jewel and Hanson in the lyrics:





The song title is combination of 2 people names.

Meher Baba (Indian spiritual master) and Terry Riley (American musician).

I'm quite surprised that no one posted this before. Fall Out Boy is a popular band.

@boidiva02 @rossi1911 @xaoux

All added to the playlist!

Two more:

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@rossi1911 Added!

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Wow!!! @BrotherTwelve Excellent, all added to the playlist!

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Two more:

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@ricknologic @rossi1911 Added!

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