Sounday Digital Distribution bankruptcy


Sounday Digital Distribution bankruptcy


My personal center of digital distribution failed, it will delete all of my songs on Spotify the 1st of February. If i upload again the tracks with another digital distributor, will the views remain tha same or will they start again from 0?



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Re: Sounday Digital Distribution bankruptcy


Oh well, that is a rather great question actually. I am not really sure actually, I think it might go either way, remain the same number of views or start from 0 once again. I am actually really interested, why did your digital center fail?! What happened to it, and why you could not maintain it in a proper way? At least you did not have to file for bankruptcy and even have the thought of company liquidation, as it is a really tough process, that takes a **bleep** a lot of time. And you actually really need some proper lawyers to do that.