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Spotify Experience - Share your Story


Spotify Experience - Share your Story

 How did you first become aware of Spotify? Explain you experiences (emotional, physical, intellectual) you have personally had with Spotify? Tell me about your first time interacting with Spotify?


Please share your story! 

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every day i discover to new music that I don't know to playlist  Discover Weekly and Daily Mix. each moment i listen to music various what i like.  


The music my concentrate on  homework and revision for events diploma bts sme

I learned about spotify through some artist's tweets about 'hitting a certain number of listeners' on a particular song. At that time, it didn't really get my attention, as I was able to listen to music elsewhere. But, a few weeks later, a friend recommended spotify to me, and I tried it out! ^^

A friend of mine started using it and mentioned it to me as well.


This was me. :' )
Anyway, I managed to sign up and start using the service. It was around that time when the rather constricting 10-hour limit was lifted as well when I started using it more. My friend ran into it a few times, I never did, mostly thanks to my local music collection.


I don't remember anything about the first time I opened Spotify or played a song. I remember that I did not create any playlists for the longest time, and I queued songs for playback from artist pages and my history. I also remember I was rather angry each time Spotify updated, because that'd wipe the History. 😁

One of the more memorable times was when a friend sent me this via Spotify inbox:


which I really really loved.

The Discord listening parties are awesome as well and quite an integral part of my current music listening, especially when it comes to discovering new things.

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