Spotify New Releases - Nov 6 2015


Spotify New Releases - Nov 6 2015

ellie goulding.png
Grimes Ellie Goulding
Art Angels Delirium





Banks Sia
Better Bird Set Free





ASTR Nico & Vinz
Homecoming Cornerstone





Justin Bieber The Japanese House
I'll Show You Clean





Weezer Floating Points
Do You Wanna Get High? Elaenia







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Each country that Spotify operates in requires a different set of licences for the music. This leads to some music being available in some countries and not in others. Hopefully you'll see that music in your country soon. 


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Check out all the trending tracks from the latest releases for 06.11.2015!


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OMG 4/5 stars. You need to listen.

Ellie Goulding 3/5 stars.