Spotify's Year in Review 2014


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I really liked the Play it Forward list! Didn't seem like it just picked low-hanging fruit (e.g. same artists, cover bands, general top list).


I am very cursious what algorithms was behind it and what approach the team took. There are a lot of resources on how to build a recommendation system like this online and in litterature, but I would like to know which one the team picked and what rational was behind the choice.


If anyone involved in the project could elaborate a bit more on this it would be super interesting to hear!


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Spotify, are you drunk?


So my top 5 artists: 1) Jack Johnson (not a fan) 2) Ed Sheeran (heard of him but don't know any of his music) 3) Nico & Vinz (never even heard of them) 4) Sam Smith (again, never even heard of him) 5) Queen (have a Queen playlist but it doesn't get a lot of plays).

Top 5 albums: 1) X by Ed Sheeran 2) In Between Dreams by Jack Johnson 3) From Here to Now to You by Jack Johnson 4) In The Lonely Hour by Sam Smith 5) Am I Wrong by Nico & Vinz

I have never listened to any of these albums...

My 10 top tracks are almost as bad with lots of songs I have never heard of. I listen exclusively to my playlists and saved albums and never Radio ( Use Pandora instead). How could it get this so wrong? Oh well had a bit of a laugh. Also it says I use my mobile app 23% of the time but it is probably 95% at least. I think I have used the app on my Mac twice.
Did Spotify get it so wrong for anyone else?

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The mobile hour count isn't even remotely accurate for me, so I wouldn't put too much faith in your number.


The rest of the statistics don't really seem accurate to me but they're also not unbelievable as yours seem to be for you.

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ohhhh yes i get the same wicked things.....songs i maybe have heard one time at a party or something is my most played song, top album i never heard! And 60minutes total spotify playtime in 2014...WHAT THE **bleep**!!!!!!!!!!??????


someone help us out here!?

I would like to see my correct year in review!