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Spotify, why you slap independent artists in the face with new 1 000 streams payment model in 2024


Spotify, why you slap independent artists in the face with new 1 000 streams payment model in 2024

MBW has subsequently confirmed with sources close to conversations between Spotify and music rightsholders that 1,000 streams will indeed be the minimum yearly play-count volume that each track on the service has to hit in order to start generating royalties from Q1 2024.


I have plenty of hhc artists and hs artists for example not reaching 1 000 streams in DECADE. They are so underground, you won't pay them a dime next decade? As a Premium member really disappointed if most of my money will go to Lady Gaga or some kind of other artists who can't stop royalties coming at their big houses. This is greedy from the music app. I thougt, when paid for Premium, artists one listens could get bread to eat. No one wants this music payment model, except someone who already can throw money like a winter storm everywhere.


They just need more. I am not paying you for royalties throwed to big names.

They have already everything. Please stop this madness from coming.


I was thinking you are to support artists I listen, but this news. Why we need to hear these news in the first place from the news? Just send a quick message and most if not all will cancel for alternative services. This payment model is not acceptable.


Any discussion is welcomed, because this is not normal.


I will find other app which pays my favourite underground artists no matter how much we play them.


Anyone can do this, in a matter of a seconds, just think twice before implementing.

6 Replies

"In the case of Spotify, the amount you can expect to receive lies between $0.003 to $0.005 per stream. That's roughly equivalent to a 70/30 split between the rights holders with 70% and the platform with 30%"


This is a insulting payment to artists. They should be paid more.

If they haven't had 1000 streams, then they haven't earnt spotify enough money to justify paying them

I can not entirely disagree with your point.


However many artists are using hours from their life to create quality music which does not get enough ears. If they get enough ears, it's nothing new than new album might get enough streams at first, but not after 1 or 10 years. Money should be in hold and paid like after one € is collected for payment. Maybe even €5 as a minimum, but not paying nothing for hard work. I need underground music.


This movement may mean underground artists just go Soundcloud or out of business.

There should be a big petition about this. I contacted Spotify support to ask about it and they just closed the conversation without saying anything. Disgraceful. 

Independent artist here. I get about 20,000 streams a year on Spotify, and starting next year you're proposing to pay me for 3-4,000 of them. Obviously I'm going to do two things: 1) Cancel Premium permanently on principle; 2) Pull my stuff from Spotify, but leave it on all the other streaming platforms.


The logic of this move is that as time goes on more and more stuff will disappear from the catalogue, whilst remaining available elsewhere. And by your own numbers, this change would only need to have a -0.5% effect on revenues to become revenue neutral per stream. Frankly, in addition to being a kick in the teeth to thousands of small and independent artists, this just comes across as completely desperate. It's the first time Spotify's done something that's made me think "Wow - this company must really be in trouble." And if that's wrong, then it's just plain ineptitude, and whoever signed off on it needs to be fired. Because for minimal benefit, you're about to damage your reputation and your catalogue.

For me it's just a **bleep** you to all the small independent artists from Spotify, so from me it's time for a **bleep** YOU to Spotify. That was the last time I bought the annual subscription.

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