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Still not gapless


Still not gapless


It was as shame that Spotify could not play gapless from the very beginning. So I was relieved when I learned that it has been fixed, after 2 or so years of requests.


And still, several months later, I encounter albums which are not gapless.


I am paying for Spotify Premium, and it is very annoying that while paying full price, I still have to endure so many flaws of the sevice. There are albums with tracks greyed out, there are albums with tracks substituted by tracks by other performers (I call it a cheat by Spotify). And even the promised feature of gapless playback, a feature that decent players have had for years, sometimes does not work.


Here is an example of a terrible gaps between tracks. Try going from track 2 to 3, 9 to 10 (horrendous!), or 10 to 11. Unacceptable. 

Daniel Barenboim & Chicago Symphony Orchestra – Verdi : Messa da Requiem


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Re: Still not gapless


Just listened to those examples and yes...appalling! Was listening to the Amadeus version of the Mozart C major string quintet last night and the last few bars of the last movt are not there! 

I find it very disturbing that there are no pauses between movements, I'm sure that this was addressed some time ago but it is now back to the insensitive 'gapless' between movements which I am sure every classical music listener abhors!

Re: Still not gapless


Is Spotfy going to do anything about that?


I keep encountering non-gapless albums. Right now I am listening to Les Musiciens du Louvre & Marc Minkowski – Handel: Messiah and there is a short fade out/fade in at each or almost each track boundary.


I periodically check numerous albums and tracks that I reported as non-gapless, and they are not fixed.


Spotfy is supposed to be about listening to music in the FIRST PLACE. It is very annoying that the development team spends time on secondary stuff like social, and cannot fix major issues with LISTENING TO MUSIC, like non-gapless playback or search engine that cannot reasonably handle classical music searches. Your slogan "We’ve made music-hunting simple on Spotify" is simply not true.


I am seriously considering dropping my Spotify subscription. Fortunately they still sell CDs and gapless tracks on Amazon.