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Streaming farms?


Streaming farms?

Hello everyone! I have no idea if i'm supposed to post this here but i can't seem to find an email to contact spotify directly and i would like them to look into this. (Sorry if i make some mistakes on my grammar, english is not my first language)


Anyway the thing is i think there's something shady going on with some songs in the Colombian Top Songs Chart; Multiple songs seem to have a weird behavior in comparison to others (No i'm sure i am not crazy)


So, these songs that you see in the picture just reentered today with almost the same amount of streams. They were charting in the lower top 50 for a couple of weeks but then suddenly exited the whole top 200 TOGETHER in the chart dated october 1 (Some didn't even re-enter)


This is a picture of the chart dated september 29, when the songs were still charting. The thing is its just not some of them, there's songs debuting in the lower top 50 of the chart everyday and i can assure you that ABSOLUTELY no one in this country has ever heard of them, most those songs come from artist with less than 10,000 listeners. And no, i am not hating on new talents or stuff like that, you can even compare their streams in other plataforms nor countries and it just doesn't make sense, at least to me.


Would be nice if someone checked this out.


Have a great day.

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