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TV shows with great music


TV shows with great music

As scripted television booms, more and more shows are focussing on the music selected.


Which shows do you recommend for good music tips?


For me right now it's GIRLS. Not saying you have to be a fan of the show, but they do nail their soundtracks. It's always a mix of forgotten oldies classics, modern hits, and undergroud bands not yet discovered. Sometimes they dig up songs that artists chose not to release and introduce them to the world through the show. 


If you want a playlist to scan for some new songs, give it a try:





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I really like the song used for "halt and catch fire" main theme

...and kind of similar to this, one of the tracks Geoff Barrow made for Black Mirror

11/22/63 on Hulu, or the newest version of The Great Gatsby has a phenominal soundtrack

Really into the Lucifer soundtrack just the perfect types of music for me

Kyle XY had some pretty great alternative!

Playlist isn't finished yet, but I should be getting to it soon.

Grey's Anatomy has really good music of all kinds and it's all available on spotify 

Gotta try Stranger Things. It's a unique style (80's synth) but it's fantastic.


Ahhhh, I dont know if its been said yet but so far FX's Atlanta has an amazing soundtrack especially if you love rap. Soundtrack

my favorite song can follow what is good 🙂

I love Supernatural and all the classic rock. It showed me a few songs to add to my playlist 

I'm a big fan of Suits, great tv show with a lot of atmospheric music. Always some nice songs to find!

@meahtenoha there are so many to choose from, but this year Mr. Robot has had a truly trippy and great soundtrack.



@user-removed @ibowyer oh my god yes, misfits season 1 and 2 were not only amazing television, but that soundtrack 😮 

@ChristianReject Twin Peaks is a godly soundtrack


@Maddze I've found many a great song on Suits! Need to catch up on that one ^_^

Ah you know I haven't watched Mr. Robot yet @crematedman, but I've heard such great things. That might be my snowy weekend TV show of choice!

@meahtenoha oh my god do it, best tv since breaking bad

this tread started a while ago but there's so much good music in it... let's continue a bit


- Peaky Blinders (already mentioned) is what I like most


- True blood



- Rectify


forgot to mention Carnivale


The shows "Everybody Hates Chris" and "The Wonder Years" have great soundtracks. Somebody beat me to making a playlist for each of those. I do have a great playlist of a show, though.

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