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TV shows with great music


TV shows with great music

As scripted television booms, more and more shows are focussing on the music selected.


Which shows do you recommend for good music tips?


For me right now it's GIRLS. Not saying you have to be a fan of the show, but they do nail their soundtracks. It's always a mix of forgotten oldies classics, modern hits, and undergroud bands not yet discovered. Sometimes they dig up songs that artists chose not to release and introduce them to the world through the show. 


If you want a playlist to scan for some new songs, give it a try:





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I second both seasons of Master of None but I also liked Love's soundtrack:



I am looking for the OST and the credits theme music for :


1. YOU (2018 - TV Series Netflix)

2. The Protector (2018 - TV Series Netflix)


Can someone please post links to the playlists for both.



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