Thanks For The Time Machine Ride.


Thanks For The Time Machine Ride.


Dear Spotify,


Last night, after watching Golden State come back from a ref-induced deficit in Cleveland, I got in my car to head home and performed the familiar ritual of pairing the bluetooth to play my phone’s Spotify. I saw a new suggested playlist titled “Your Summer Rewind.”


I believe in the nostalgic power of music. Listening to a song for the first time is like losing a virginity, and if we’re lucky and it meant something, we always remember where it happened. Californication came out when I was living in Australia (lucky duty station for an Army dad), and listening to it still brings back the smells of the park out the car window as we drove up for our weekly barbie. Good Charlotte’s “The Young And The Restless” was the soundtrack to my middle school bus commutes. And The Strokes’ “Is This It” was the backdrop of many drunken Halo matches in my college dorm with my roommate Kyle.


My Summer Rewind brings us back to July 2016, when I decided it had been far too long since my study abroad (2 year prior) that I’d been back to Europe, so I up and left. I met up with now-scattered friends and old classmates from Dresden. And all along the way I played Spotify.


Now, “Beast of Burden” by The Stones plays, and I’m waiting for K. to get out of the shower and join me in bed. I hear “Wiggle” featuring Snoop, and I’m in a German nightclub. And what do you listen to in the kitchen of a Swiss loft while the machinegun-talking Italians you’re staying with are making pasta but Nat Cole’s “L-O-V-E”?


Your playlist brought back all these memories when I needed them most. A few hours before the Warriors and Cavs got started, I lost my job.



Thanks for the time machine ride.


– Zack H.



P.S. If you enjoyed the above writing, please consider passing this letter along to someone in a hiring position. I’m a damned good copywriter, and it seems I’ve just gone freelance.