The Interstellar Space Echo Crossing The Atlantic


The Interstellar Space Echo Crossing The Atlantic


Read this article,, and listen to the Spotify playlist to discover some intense, genre-defying music (and the brilliant bands making it) that will blow your mind as you hear how the eclectic, funky music of the African diaspora has taken over the world.

Listen to music from 2016 that exemplifies the work of some of the most provocative musicians in the world today. Go back in time too, and hear stimulating sounds from the last few years, as well as some far-out 1970s tracks from current compilations from Analog Africa & Heavenly Sweetness Records.

Click through to watch live videos of potent performers on today’s world music scene. Listen to music from marvelous musicians & remarkable record labels...



Listen to eclectic, funky world music.Listen to eclectic, funky world music.