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The Reality Of Being Successful In Music


The Reality Of Being Successful In Music

I am extremely curious of the expectation of Music Artists Success and What the music world of today believes are the margins of success and how one plans to find their success in this Music Industry of Today!


As a Digital Distribution and Publishing Label, I am completely in allure of what the idea of success in Music means today. For so many, the true success is being known globally but my curiosity comes more towards the music business and what the artists is truly gaining. 


I ask these few questions and I am curious to hear the responses:

  1. What is your idea of Success in Music?
  2. What goals are you looking to accomplish in your music career?
  3. Where do you see your music taking you in this industry?
  4. What's more important, A Music Career or Being A Star? 
2 Replies

Hey! Very nice of you to bring this agenda to the community. I've been working as a phonographic strategist for a little over 26 years here in Brazil, and since you work directly in the industry, these questions are valid for artists from anywhere in the world. Many artists confuse fame with success and they are actually two different things. I would also like to know the answers to your questions, I hope that artists will collaborate with your research, because we who work in the industry and are not artists, our vision of success is a little different. Congratulations on the questions and welcome to our community 🤗



Thank you for sharing that perspective and insight. Similar to yourself, I am not the music creator but as a true participant in the industry's construct, I do believe that the meaning of "Succuss" is completely diverse depending on what part of this industry you ask. 


For more context for artists to consider, I would also like to inquire if the artists prefer longevity over instant notoriety. Do years in this Industry even intrigue the average artists today or does having a busy summer suffice? #ThingsIThinkAbout 



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