The best Guitar Solos?

The best Guitar Solos?

Anyone knows more guitar solos, that are not already on the list here? 🙂


Still need to get it to 1000 😄
By the way there are more on there than the 100 shown 😉


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Aah maan awesome stuff. Check out my playlist with lots of guitar solos:) You can check also my band- you could find something interesting there too ( sorry for advertising xd)
my band:

Nice man, gonna listen to it 😉

Hey @jakegerb,


I can think of one that I really like: Neil Young- Down By The River! Good luck man! You have a great playlist going.


There are probably more Neil Young songs that will fit well as well.



pretty much the entire of this 9 min song is a guitar solo, good one at that.

Sweet. Saved it 😉

jepp gonna check good old Neil out for solos!


This track of mine has a lot of guitar soloing throughout if you like to take a listen or feel free to add to your playlist if you want. 


All of my tracks have solo's if you want to hear more guitar. 

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