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The threshold between east and west


The threshold between east and west

I think there is some musician who are pretty intresting in the music world. The special thing with them is their combination of pieces of enigmatic eastern instruments and percussion with grooves of modern electronica.  In 2008 I found Karsh Kale, his music is a mixture of western grooves with asia music pieces. I really love it.


So just why don't break the barrier? Eastern music is so beatiful and the combination is intriguing. Like spice, music is best in the combination. 



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I love it when people blend this kind of stuff. 


A lot of Asian quarter tonal music is so interesting - especially if you're primarily used to listening to western stuff constantly which as awesome as it can be, can end up sounding somewhat repetitive. 


My favourite example of this Nitin Sawhney – Nadia


Karsh Kale's really cool, cheers for the recomendation! 

There's definitely a world to discover out there!
Thanks for sharing, we need more of this!

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