Think - How much has music influenced your life?

Think - How much has music influenced your life?

Hey folks!


I have a question, how much has music influenced you, your life and your decisions?


At first, this may seem like a very easy and straight-forward question to answer. Of course, it has influenced us all - we're part of one of the biggest music communities in the world. 


Think further. What was it that connected you to The Black Parade in the 00's and is now making you really connect to the Castle on the Hill? You'll suddenly find out that it's not all Pure and Simple



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I play drums in two bands...sometimes 3...that´s how much music has influenced me lol...

From a young age, music gave me an outlet that was separate from everything else in my life. It wasn't as coldly logical as math or something like that. Certainly, it could be if you wanted it to be, but it could be pure expression as well.


I like that flexibility.


I've played in bands over the last ten years or so from the age of 15, including my current band, Cloud Tapes, and there's still that excitement when you finish writing a song.


It's shaped my friendships, my hobbies, my free time, and I suppose that all filters into the person as an individual. It has been one of the most important factors of my life.

Incredibly so. I don't know where I would be today if not for music. The biggest influencers on my childhood were Spice Girls, Lauryn Hill, Gwen Stefani and Tori Amos.

As a younger person in the Spotify community I can say I have grown to include music into my everyday life. From older bands to the newer I appreciate every song I find. With out music in my life I would find myself bored very often. Im always scrolling through Spotify looking for new artists from every genre. My favorite thing about music is that everyday artist pop up and create new music allowing for an unlimited supply of tunes.
Next to this I have recently been inspired to pick up the bass guitar and learn to play. Along with it forming new passions in my life I am also on the path of becoming a music producer. So you ask, how much has music influenced my life and basically you could say music is my life.

How has music influenced my life?.. I don't know, a whole lot apparently!


I used to listen to local radio stations and hear some great bangers among.. not so great bangers, and compile a little playlist on my tiny webpage.. which was basically nothing, a bunch of bbcode hosted by one larger site. 😄
I would build my world where characters I created from toys would be friends and go to clubs together and do things that were weird as hecq, or do wild parties at school and so on.
I had a hard time in basic school, let's put it simply as that.

Then I got intoduced to Empire of the Sun by one of the radion stations. Their music helped me get through some Bad Times, and I met the fanbase. Turned out I was not the only weirdo. Years have passed, some great friends made. Some weird costumes as well. All the destroyed cardboard boxes for Luke Steele's headpieces. : )
To pay a tribute to the EotS, I would try to paint and draw the singers. The first attempts were, well.. I Tried. : ) But I kept going. Good and supportive words from fellow fans, I kept growing.

At some point I got my own computer and so I took some USB headcans in use that were lying around here. I got introduced to Sin with Sebastian. I drew him too, for his music, as silly as it may sound, helped me get through those terrible years in high school where my grades were noting to talk about. He makes spiritual music too, no sins at all, and his soft low voice sounds just.. calming. Kind of childish and very calming.
My skills at drawing and painting had evolved some so when he got to see them he was mindblown. Seriously flattered and mindblown, as it looks like when I take a look at those old comments and messages. We've been in touch since then. I really love this man, and he has helped me evolve even further. Also in a spiritual manner.


I am also hooked to Robbie Williams' music. His lyrics are superb, and tracks like Do Me Now and My Culture as well as Chemical Devotion have been played for hundreds of times.


I listen to music mainly to earth myself in case I have my mind full of sticks or simply for entertainment. I always listen to music when I am doing things near the computer. I draw here, and beading, crocheting and whatever are also done with soundwaves running around.
To some degree I must be an addict, but I guess it's one of the best addictions one could have.
Music is also possibly the main reason I develop my drawing skills, apparently. It's a good way to tell the musician how much you love them and their music by drawing them.
In high detail 0-100% depth graphite drawings. 😉


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I went to business school and swore off music. I was planning on going into management consulting until I heard this song. Battle Beast made me rethink my career path. Great song too by the way!

I could not give a better answer @CloudTapes


This is such an inspirational thread 😍

I'm no different from anyone in this community that's lived on the sideline of this great adventure that is sound. A veteran of community radio, I did nearly 15 years with a weekly spot heavily focused on novelty sounds and electronica, all the while reviewing albums on other DJs' shows as a guest - at a time when the only way the musical glutton could sate his hunger was through the promo world. I've been lucky in that one of my best friends, a dj and graphic artist, used to work in one of the landmark clubs of my local scene, giving me great access and knowledge of the more adventurous stuff.


Had a failed attempt at an industrial/experimental outfit - we had a few interesting shows and some k7s, most of it cringe worthy now - great experiences and fun nonetheless.


I spat at Nocturnal Emission's worst show (a couple of Casios rigged in sequence of mechanic alternance - the artist basically phoning in a performance so boring it was mind expanding). I sprayed sweat all over Dmitry Brill in a rave (a sad episode of a near famous encounter if ever there was one). I once interviewed Oliver Lieb over the phone for a fanzine (apparently, if you're no great communicator, distance does exist between the continents). I cried when I finally saw Coil live, before the idiots had to die and never make beautiful music again.


I BRUSHED WITH THE GREATS! But mostly, it's been albums and EPs and songs that have fueled it all. And still it does - sometimes, there's this lull, you think for a minute you've heard it all. And then, Forest Swords comes out with a new album, and all is right with the world - again.


This is a lovely thread and I could go on and on.


Thanks all for sharing.

Hi love the topic.


Music was always a part of my life from the time i was very little. i got my first boombox when i was 6 or so and the first cassettes i got were disney soundtracks lol. the lion king taught me about elton john and i became a bit obsessed with him as a tween. when i was about to be a teenager i got a cd player and started collecting more music. i typically liked different styles of rock. when i got the internet at home it was the glory days of napster and i began hearing music from all decades and genres. it all helped me through the difficult teen years. i had dreams of becomming a journalist, specifically a  music journalist because i wanted to travel to gigs to scope out new talent, and write great articles about how much of a genius i was when it came to my taste of music lol. it was my plan for post secondary education, college and university, but after highschool i became very ill and had to drop out of college. unforunately i have not been able to return. I have thought about starting blogs or websites to talk about music but never took it seriously. 


music has helped me form many friendships in my life time. you can really bond with someone if you have similar music interests, and you can really learn alot from those who have different tastes than you and it is a great ice breaker.


so i guess music has had a large influence in my life, and at times has been one of the things that seen me through some difficult times. 


music is a wonderful art form that allows for political justice and socially progressive sentiment, it can unite people, workers, different ethnicities together with common goals and messages. it can literally save lives by allowing people to express themselves, or hear someone else sing the things they cannot say. it will always be valid and important. and beautiful


Music did not influence me too much but Cole Sprouse who is an American actor, photographer, and top influencer in the fashion industry influenced me a lot. He is an influencer for me. Usually, I read about his career that how he started, and how he achieved his goals. The best thing about him that he is very humble and passionate about his work.

i can definitely say music has influenced my life in such an extraordinary way. it wasn't until i lost all access to music that i realised the emotional attachment that i have to it. i felt an intense longing or a yearn, to put those white plastic buds in my ears and listen until i could't listen anymore. the way it makes me feel, how it sets the mood for the day, how it makes me imagine things i wouldn't normally. 


i remember when i was young. sitting in the front seat of the car, and dad put kids by mgmt on. it was indescribable. even at that age i could already feel the life long attachment that was being made in front of me.


i remember moments by the song that was playing. i remember the first time i flew on a plane and looking out the window listening to the draw your swords by angus and julia stone.


the nights i've spent crying to another love by tom odell are the ones i'll never forget. it hurts the most when you can relate to the music. 

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