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Topic Bugged [false positive]


Topic Bugged [false positive]

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I was updating my topic, wanted to safe it, it safed but when I wanted to open it It showed basicly nothing, then after a view refreshes the topic got deleted from my bar with all likes and anything expect the replies which are smh still there.

This is actualy the 2nd time this happens and I wanna know what I can do to prevent this.


Last time the Topic Solution was:

On rare occasions our spam filter will flag a post in error, resulting in what we call a false-positive. I've restored your post now.

Link to the 1st post:

Link to the blocked Topic:

It would be nice if someone could restore the topic.


thanks beforehand and have a nice day.



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Re: Topic Bugged [false positive]

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Ok; so I suppose the community support is inactive ??