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Track of the Week 10/20: Rudosa – Dominance


Track of the Week 10/20: Rudosa – Dominance

Track of the Week 10_20_ Rudosa - Dominance.jpgNew design, clear direction. For Klangspot, a new era begins. And Rudosa provides the perfect soundtrack. Thanks a lot!


Rudosa – Dominance

Mark Bradbury (Rudosa ) is a welcome guest on my TECHNO Complex playlist. And of course I have a place for his first release in 2020. Mark isn’t known for relaxing afterhour tracks and also in his track ‘Dominance‘ he doesn’t hold back on BPM and acid. Not for the faint hearted, but definitely a ‘must listen’ for every fan of hard and/or acid techno. So far the track isn’t featured on any of the big official Spotify playlists, what will happen for sure. But fortunately I am a little faster and more flexible. Therefore you can enjoy the track already since Friday on the TECHNO Complex Spotify playlist:

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