Track of the Week 13/20: Jonas Rathsman – Cosmos


Track of the Week 13/20: Jonas Rathsman – Cosmos


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This year, many of you won’t be able to go on vacation. But I have great news:


Jonas Rathsman brings the vacation feeling right into your living room.


Now, we all need a bit of sunshine at home. And that’s exactly what Jonas Rathsman is giving us. His new EP ‘Ready to Dream‘ has the perfect name for it. With his very personal style of ethnic house with exotic sounds and far eastern rhythms he turns our living rooms into lounges. What I especially like about the second track of the EP ‘Cosmos‘ is the intimate sound. Also the placement of the percussion elements in the stereo image. You can feel Jonas sitting next to you on the couch with some percussionists.


This year a trip into the great wide world will probably remain a dream. But Jonas sweetens it for us. Many thanks! 🙏


Listen to the track on the ‘Deep & Soulful Chill Beats ‘ playlist on Spotify: