Transitioning from Spotify In Program Apps to Services with Spotify API's


Transitioning from Spotify In Program Apps to Services with Spotify API's

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I thought I would put this post here as well as it will quickly get buried in the desktop help section.


Hello All:


I thought I would post this as some spotify users are using the new desktop app, which does not have any third party apps anymore other than an integrated lyrics feature. I will post some services which are using the Spotify API's now on their sites for the Spotify service, since third party apps are phased out. Other posters can of course add to this with other services using the Spotify API in their websites.


Billboard - I am sure most know this, it is of course the billboard charts. This services has now integrated the Spotify API as well as another streaming music services API as well, with most of its album and song chart lists, as well as some songs with embedded videos. Just select the chart listing desired and use the arrows to the right of the songs to toggle to the services which the site is using the service API's with for that track. Click on the desired service icon and the built in service API's will take you to the track on that service. Note all tracks and videos are region specific to user availability:


Pitchfork - This service is also using the Spotify API, easiest way for quick access to this service and what is new is to book mark the reviews section of the site:

and then scroll through to what interests you and then click on the chosen title release for their review, an embedded small Spotify player will appear to the right hand of the page next to the large cover art and review article of the release. - They have a new beta version which is using the Spotify and Youtube API's. You can access the beta version of this service here:


Is It On Spotify - This service is using the Spotify API with a very simple search for Albums and Track simply use the arrow for Album or Track and then put in the search term and hit the Is It on Spotify? button below.


The Pansentient League - this is a service that lists Spotify content based on Location, Genre, and artists:


Another Spotify search website, just make sure to select your listening region first before looking at new releases:


Rolling Stone Magazine - Does not seem to be using a service other than Youtube currently but their Music Lists are of interest and to quickly get to the music lists book mark this page:


Songs Reviews can be reached here:


For those into Blues and Jazz there is of course Blue Note Records which did also have a third party app in the old spotify desktop apps:


So anyone who feels like it can add other web services to this post that are using the Spotify API, and/or just music research in general. I know there was a few posts about a few startup services being revised and using the Spotify API.


Music services profiles within the Spotify services.


Apologizes: You will have to copy and paste these into the search box in the desktop app as the board formatting is not allowing me to paste the URIs profile links without music in them correctly.


Edited to change the URI's over to HTTP links instead. Note if you want them to open in the new desktop app just copy and paste them into the search window of the desktop app and hit enter on the keyboard.


Blue Note Records -


Pitchfork -


Billboard - -


Rolling Stone Magazine -


Anyone can add to the thread as before.

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Great list @user-removed. Do you know Swarm.FM ?

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Re: Transitioning from Spotify In Program Apps to Services with Spotify API's

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I have heard of it but not messed with the service and/or used it.