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Trick how to find new artists


Trick how to find new artists

the most I love in music is to discover some new artist. (that I haven't heard yet)
When I hear someone new and I liked it, I go through the albums, usually from the oldest to hear the evolution, read the bio on wiki, google the interviews and other information.

At the beginning, spotify helped me to discover pile of absolutely amazing artists/bands, all completely new to me. I was so thrilled. I couldn't wait to Monday for the next Discover weekly.


 But I am bit struggling to discover new artists in these days. 

Are there any other "new artist freak" or just more adventurous users out there who has some good trick how to discover not heard artist? 


I am thinking of some spotify app that goes through my playlists or even listen history and offers me some "similar artists" or just songs from the artists I haven't heard yet.


What I used to use to discover new music, but mostly does not offer me any new artists any more:

- I loved the discover weekly, but my contains only one genre now, but I listen to dozens of different genres and want to hear new artists from them too. Also even within the one genre, it is way off my taste now. I don't even play it any more as I could not remember I heard something interesting new there.
- All the Daily mix do offer only well known, already heard artists
- I really enjoyed the Tastebreakers playlist, but that is once per year, please spotify do it every week or somehow on demand - already posted as an idea
- Release radar contains new songs from already known artists by design, so useless for this
- Can't use any of the new releases playlist as I don't like pop, hip-hop and other mainstream
- I discovered a few artists by manually searching for public playlists using google as suggested in
- There is usually no new artists using the "Create Similar Playlist" as that is usually filled by the same bands/artists but different song


Please help me to find a way how to discover new artists, maybe different streaming service has something better for this purpose? Please help, do you have any trick?

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Hey @sakrauz3 


Well, same goes for me, I don't really go to Discover Weekly or Release Radar to listen to new artists specifically. Spotify seems a little afraid to introduce me to anything else but Ninja Tune roster (&related), I don't know why. :')


What I do to find new artists:

1. I follow labels that put out a lot of interesting music. They often have an account on Spotify where they also create playlists by theme or compilations of favourites made by an artist on the label.

Keeping your eye on the labels on social media can be useful too as often they mention other labels or artists they like.

2. Follow artists you love on social media. For same reasons as with labels.

3. Joining music-related discord servers or subreddits. I'm on discord server for r/music and I also am a member of the Official Amon Tobin Group on facebook - there is this weekly #promoday thing and I run a Spotify playlist consisting of songs posted under the hashtag.

4. From the aforementioned places or somewhere else you might find friends with interesting musical tastes. Ping them!

(sometimes I succeed finding discover weekly playlists some of my friends and label-guys have. I then follow...)


That has been rather sufficient for me at least. 🙂

SebastySpotify Star
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Hello Sebasty, thank you for your great comment.

Following label is very good idea, I really don't follow them at all, I will definitely give it a shot


But thank you very much for mentioning the friend's discover weekly. That is very good point and it brought me interesting spotify related idea.


Many of the users's discover weekly lists are public and google crawls them. So in fact you can construct google search that will show you other's discover weekly playlists that contains for example artist or song you really like. Like for example:
["the olllam"] ["discover weekly"] inurl:playlist

Link to the search


Unfortunately the scrapping interval is shallow, so the actual discover weekly where the song was present is usually gone. But you will get the Discover weekly lists for people where spotify thinks they like song/artist you like 🙂


Will try to hear a few and update here if it was a good idea or dead end.


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Hello bloodycartoons, rap and such kind music is not really my cup of tea, but thank you for you comment.


The other's Discover weekly playlist trick really worked and I found an another very good band I had no idea. It looks very promising and I found also very interesting accounts, that has slightly different taste than me, but I enjoyed most of the songs.

Please, anybody else has any trick how to discover new music (using spotify or something else)?


On the Spotify desktop client, I often browse the playlists listed under “Discovered On” for artists that I like; oftentimes the curators of these playlists have also included artists of similar genres that I haven't yet listened to.


Sometimes Spotify also presents new artists of the genres I listen to in the “Discover” section of "Browse" (“Top recommendations for you” or “Similar to (artist that I already listen to)”); but usually I already know about most of the artists that they present there.


Other than Spotify, I follow a few people on with similar musical taste to myself (you can find people to follow with high musical compatibility using the "Neighbors" tab); I check their profiles often to see what bands they’re listening to, and sometimes there are artists of the genres that I like that I haven’t listened to myself. I think I’ve found a lot of bands through that I wouldn’t otherwise have known about just using Spotify. (I also like because it allows users to keep track of how often they've listened to each artist, album, and track; and you can connect Spotify to to keep track of your listening habits on Spotify this way.)


I also occasionally check a blog/music review website called The Obelisk that specializes in “heavy” music: mostly stoner rock, heavy psych, etc. since I tend to enjoy these genres. Another similar one is called, which I also check on occasion. There may be blog/music review websites for the genres that you like; I found these two by accident by just Google searching for reviews of albums that I like.

AdamDamSpotify Star
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Hola Stack3!
Interesante tu pregunta.
No se que estilo de música te gusta, pero me tomé el atrevimiento de dejarte algo de lo que hago desde Argentina. Esta es mi música instrumental y me gustaría saber que opinas. Abrazo grande!

Hello @TreyAnastasio

yes, I loved I actually still scrobbling there, but it used to be much more better and "find new music" oriented before. Funny, I could not find the neighbours there, that is why I haven't used it for a years. After you comment I clicked everywhere. For those who is looking where they hidden it 🙂

click to your icon (top right corner) -> View profile -> More ... -> Neighbours

Thanks so much for it! 


Unfortunately spotify presents only still the same artists/bands again and again in mine Discover tab and playlists. That is actually what initiated this thread, because I realized I haven't hit any new good music for very long time using just spotify. I can still see gap in the app spotify market 🙂 Just something like list of songs from artists that are not in your playlists/history and not in the "do not listen again" list. But maybe the spotify api does not allow anything like that, will have to try to find some doc.


Searching for the pages by album's review to find some interesting genre specific zin is a good idea too.


Thank you all for good tips!


Hello @Sebasty again,
I am currently sick at home, I have spent a few hours browsing through other's Discover weekly playlists. It is funny, I found bunch of users that have such great Discovery weekly, uncomparable better than me 🙂 And what is best, it has changed today, so I have a few Discover weekly lists that I actually like now. Thank you so much that you brought this idea


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Found another way for those who know some scripting/programming language.

I have used data from


Created listed of all artists I have in my spotify playlists. Then printed all the "similar artists" for all of them, ignoring the ones I already have in playlist. Then sorted and printed the ones with biggest count = the artists that are most similar to the ones I am having in my playlists.

The result was very interesting. Especially comparing when I asked the same (similar artists) from the 


Unfortunately the code initiated extremely huge number of API calls, so definitely not ready for public usage. 


I would be very interested if anyone tried to dig out something from the WEB api data in this manner.



This works!! Thank you!

Hello Everyone! 


Please check out my new playlist! We drop all types of music and are putting out at least 1 new song a moth. 


Screen Shot 2021-11-04 at 4.37.50 PM.png


Thanks and let me know all of your thoughts and opinions,

Hi Sakrauz,


I have the exact same problem. The suggesting-algorithm of Spotify is not spot-on but miles away.

What I do is search on youtube or on spotify searching for public userdefined playlists


What kinds of genres do you like?

I enjoy sharing good music. So let's do a quick check if our musical tastes do match - at least at a part

Me personally I like melodic jazz and across a lot of genres what has a funky taste beeing

electro-swing, blues, rock, soul.


I drop a few names of not so popular artists

Kinga Glyk (very funky Jazz)

poopmplamoose (very creative cover-versions of all kind


scary pocket (you probably know them already)

Kent Nishimura (incredible in playing a guitar as guitar, bass and percussion all at once)


Booka shade: creative electronic music


jacob collier


A like a lot of styles if they match certain things

mood:  HAPPY

tempo: medium fast


Drop a few names so I can look up them and then I can make a collection that is similar

best regards Stefan

Hello. Everyone who love a good music which made from the heart should check this song. First release of a singer-songwriter Mary Angel. She only starting her music career and she need a support.


oh very nice new message



Personally, one of my methods of finding new msuic (more like a side effect but..) is when I get into a new fandom, I usually create a new playlist centered around that game, movie, book series, etc. and look up similar playlists to get songs and ideas and find new music that way. Movie and TV show soundtracks (not scores!) are really useful tools too! 


Another, way easier, way is to check out the web app Discover Quickly. I haven't ever used it myself but it's backed by Spotify and seems to be popular.

Gordon Lee Weaver new classic rock style tunes

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