Tyrese - Black Rose??


Tyrese - Black Rose??

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Hi fellow Spotifiers,


I've got a quick question regarding Tyrese's new album Black Rose; It's out in the US (Spotify) but it isn't in Europe? Am I the only one having this issue (not able to play the album, or even find it on my Spotify)? I live in the Netherlands by the way. 


I thought that it would've been out by now seeing it came out in the US on the 10th. 


I hope some one can answer my Q, with a cool A, 'cause I'm a bit saddened by this 😞



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This is the current availability for that release:

<album><name>Black Rose</name><artist href="spotify:artist:08p7B5OtcUuVblvkQIlBhJ"><name>Tyrese</name></artist><released>2015</released><id type="upc">00804879554172</id><availability><territories>CA US</territories></availability></album>


So from the lookup information on the release it is only available to U.S. and Canadians users right now.