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Weekly Music Recap 03/20: Camea – Missing You (Deep House & Melodic Techno)


Weekly Music Recap 03/20: Camea – Missing You (Deep House & Melodic Techno)

’m sorry, but I have to nominate ‘Deep House & Melodic Techno‘ again as playlist Weekly Music Recap 03_20_ Camea - Missing You (Deep House & Melodic Techno).jpgof the week. Because it would be a shame to ignore ‘Missing You‘ by Camea.


If you follow me on Instagram, you surely know my ‘Radar Picks‘. Friday morning at breakfast I listen to my Spotify ‘Release Radar’ and spontaneously choose three tracks I like. I don’t know how the Spotify algorithm works and I haven’t know or followed Camea before, but this time I’m really happy about the apparent randomness of how Spotify compiles the recommendations. I listen to the Release Radar through a JBL Charge 4. Nevertheless the track stuck in my ear. Fascinating when you consider that it consists of just two chords and I didn’t hear any details. Probably it was the actually minimalistic rhythm, but also complex (is that possible?). The track fascinated me immediately.
When I update the playlists, I listen to the Release Radar again – with higher quality gear (mostly headphones). My first impression was confirmed. How can a track sounds so minimalistic and complex at the same time? There must have been someone at work who knows his job. But not only the arrangement (in the sense of setting the notes and percussion sounds in the right place) is fantastic, also the sound. This single and lonely hihat stands so present and yet unobtrusive in its own space. It’s amazing how mixing can shape the character of a track.


I could keep dissecting the track, but who benefits? Grab a good pair of headphones, play the track and close your eyes. Then you know why I’m so enthusiastic. I’m sure Camea won’t be the last time on my playlists. ‘Missing You’ is a single release for Camea’s debut album. I’m looking forward to it!


Missing You’ is part of the ‘Deep House & Melodic Techno’ playlist:

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Hi there @Klangspot,

thanks for taking the time to post this !


Great playlists.

I will definitely recommend this.


Good luck 🙂

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