What are you listening to right now?

What are you listening to right now?


Hi everyone,


Just post what you're listening to right now! 


It's simple, don't even worry about it.


Clean Bandit – Telephone Banking


I can't stop listening to this one!


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that track was unreal.


I'm currently listening to Chief – Your Direction.


Hold yourself tight. It's pretty awesome.




Ben Folds/Nick Hornby – From Above


Never gave this album much of a listen before. Just in time to consider buying Ben Folds Five tickets...

Airhorn Enthusiast


Awesome.... Refused – New Noise



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Found this one just today on We Are Hunted: Mosman Alder – Raisin Heart



Mr Little Jeans – The Suburbs


Been listening to this all day.


New Temper Trap album is streaming now!


The Temper Trap – The Temper Trap


Going to see them on Monday - sooo looking forward to it


Listening on Windows, Android and Sonos. Tweeting it at @davelicence


@licenced - That will be a brilliant gig. I've been enjoying The Temper Trap – Need Your Love 


And for my new contribution: Elephant – Assembly


Listening to this right now. 

So good! 2:26 of awesomeness


Coachwhips – You Gonna Get It


Currently, I'm in our Community Soundrop and At The Drive-In - Napoleon Solo is on. 


Join me, won't you? 

Airhorn Enthusiast



Hey guys.


This my favourite track of the week, give it a listen!


Get People – Rain Tears


A very catchy tune I think you may agree 🙂


NP Buranovskiye Babushki (Buranovo Grannies) – Party For Everybody - Eurovision 2012 - Russia.


Come on and DANCE! Party for everybody, DANCE! :smileygrin:


Grannies rocks!




Seeing Moonrise Kingdom this weekend, so got my Wes Anderson playlist on the go.

Currently listening to Elliott Smith – Needle In The Hay

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Tori Amos – Professional Widow


Reminds me of my younger days bopping around the nightclubs in the North-West of the UK.

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How I started to listen bass-powered music? I heared Cascada at radio; Miracle and Everytime We Touch when those was released.



Then I started loving dance music and all those bass-powered tracks like hard dance, trance etc. Now the 50% of music I listen is basspowered music.


My Playlist:


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