What do you like about spotify?


Re: What do you like about spotify?


The pros:

  1. The freedom.  You don't really get this on a lot of other music streaming services!  Free and Premium almost feel one and the same in some aspects.
  2. Saving songs.  I like saving albums and favoriting songs.  It makes things very easy to manage.
  3. Playlists.  There's something so oddly satisfying about creating a playlist.  Is it thinking about what it's going to be about?  Looking for the music?  Pruning it for songs that don't seem quite right?  I don't know, there's something so mystical about it . . .

The Cons:

  1. All of the Premium ads.  I find it weirdly ironic how Spotify is likely trying to get its customers to switch to their Premium services . . . by shoving ads about Premium and how to use Spotify down their throats!
  2. The UI.  It feels very flat and underutilized.  Everything looks very small and crammed.  Maybe it's just my Neanderthal fingers, but whenever I go to delete a song off a playlist the song starts playing.  When I tap a song, it might heart it or add it to Or when I go search within said playlist, I tap on the first song. 
  3. Obviously as Spotify understands the stuff you like to listen to, it'll pop up on your homepage . . . except if it's playlists for trending stuff.