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What do you think of listening to music that makes you sad?


What do you think of listening to music that makes you sad?

Every time I listen to music that is sad or something like that, my memories come back and I am very sad then. Did you ever have that or a similar feeling? I mean, when I am a little bit sad or tired and then I start to listen to music which brings with this bad/sad emotions, I become very very sad and I can't do anything. What do you think about it?

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It's a spiraling despair, of sorts. I don't really want to end up in that, so I listen to something soothing and calm when I'm feeling lowly. Mazzy Star fits that bracket well these days. That, and Yunis' album called Amber, and Deru, and whatever I may have a fixation on at the time.


It is important to let the emotions flow now and then, for the simple reason that it's healthy for the mental state. I usually just get silly deep-sad thoughts that tip me over. 😄

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Well, i believe that one of the best things of music, is that it is one of the best thing, to not feel so alone. 
So if you feel sad, you should just let you feeling sad, and with good music, it could be more pleasent, and easier. Its nice to know, that somebody in the world feels just like you in one moment of their lifes. 

Like, if you feel just like a lost cause, maybe we all feel like that...sometime.

I think that being sad and having something that fits exactly with what i´m feeling is really calming. I mean, listening to someone suffering just like i´m doing -lol- makes me feel understood and connected to something bigger.

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