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What do you think of the new album of Nick Cave?


What do you think of the new album of Nick Cave?

Hi all,


this week the new album of Nick Cave album was released, which I really looked forward to. Although I learned not to comment on an album after only listening to it twice, I like to share my thoughts.


The first thing I wanted to know if the album is really different from what he done before. Would it be something completely new? Does it sound like any other previous album?  Answer: no, it's not completely new and it really fits in what he was doing the last couple of albums, especially his last one, skeleton tree. 


Still the album is very relevant. Since the dead of this son there will always be albums before that death and after that. Nick Cave does an incredible job in sharing his feelings about the loss, on stage (with his conversations with Nick Cave), with his web site (conversations with his hans: red hand files) and now on this album.


What I noticed the most up to now is that it's a very quiet album, no percussion, just synths, piano and voices. Also the lyrics are very clearly sung.  For me not being a native english speaker, it's sometimes hard to hear lyrics without searching for them. But this album is often more like spoken word so very easy to follow. I think the lyrics are also more clear than on previous albums, it looks like they are less poetic but more straight forward. It's more like he doesn't need complicated poetry to express his feelings he just drops what he feels and everybody can feel that same emotion.


The last thing which is really key, is that the music is beautiful. Nick Cave started his career with the Birthday Party and that was ugly music, he just wanted to make it sound as ugly as possible it looked like. But now it's the opposite, it sounds like you are in heaven, the voices sound like angels. It sounds like the cover art of the album, like a beautiful universe. 


Most probabaly the best album of the year.




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