What inspired your last music composition?

What inspired your last music composition?

Every musical composition has been inspired by some type of events in the life of each composer.

What was the history that inspired you to write your latest music composition and which composition was it?

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The idea for this track was born when my friend Max Van Berg posted a video on Facebook of him playing a melody on the piano that he has composed with a statement: “Something I put together that describes the current mood.” Today, on April 3rd, 2020, when I am writing this, Coronavirus took away over 50000 people’s lives worldwide. …And in some regions pandemic is just starting. Over 1000000 people are already infected with only 200000 people recovered. And many governments were caught at lying about real casualty numbers. It is insane what is going on. The mood that he tried to pass through his music, is what we all feel right now when reading daily news and learning that thousands more people die every day. It really is a sad and terrible moment in modern human history. Max’s composition truly touched me deep in my heart. It had a true meaning and purpose. I decided to make it into a track, which Max himself called the: “Dysphoria”. Governments for the most part are being reactive and not listening to people asking to treat pandemic proactively. Dysphoria is the state of dissatisfaction, anxiety, restlessness, or fidgeting. Hopefully it will pass soon. This track is in the name of all people whose life became a victim to the pandemic, mostly due to world's reactiveness and unpreparedness to a problem. We have just proved ourselves once again that we, the humans are truly helpless in front of nature.

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