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What piece of music and what artist would you recommend of the New Age genre?


What piece of music and what artist would you recommend of the New Age genre?

The New Age musical genre is little known and yet there are great musical pieces that we have all heard and loved.


Can we all create a list of all the most important artists and songs in New Age history?


Please include, artist and song


Karl Jenkins - Adiemus


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Hello if you want beautiful ambient / new age music have a listen at this artist, Patrick Revelli :

Here are his 3 albums :

He has a magical universe very Disney & classical influenced, hope you will like it 🙂

If you're looking for ambient / new age / sound design tracks you can have a listen at my Horus, Horus Light & Horus Shadow albums, they're more videogames oriented. I also have videogames covers.

Spotify artist doing video games music covers.
55+ covers available on Spotify

Hi @David_Clavijo,


Nice topic!

I've always considered Ryuichi Sakamoto's works as bordering in the New Age movement. Here's a calming piece of his from a recent album...




His work with David Sylvian is outstanding, also. Really recommend digging into that for a slight branch growing out from the core of the New Age movement.

Many thanks @JackS!!!


The truth is that Ryuichi has always been a great reference in instrumental music. I love his music and the piece you share here is wonderful. Thank you son much!!!


Surely I make a playlist with all your contributions.


All the Best!!!

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Hey everyone, 


Thank you @David_Clavijo for the interesting topic. 


I've listened to a bunch of new age artists through the years while exploring genres close to the electronic music. Among my favorites are Enigma, Delerium, Conjure One, Enya, Deep Forest, Dead Can Dance and Shiva In Exile.


To give you a better look, I'll share a few tracks:




 When it comes to Enya, I love her tracks sung in Latin, such as Pax Deorum and Tempus Vernum




Considering Delerium's variety in music techniques, I find the albums from to 1994-2003 the best due to the opulence of folk and ethno patterns. 




I decided to give Dead Can Dance as an example as this is the band least explored by me in the new age field, but I'm on the track to get to know them better.



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