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What's your least favourite music?


What's your least favourite music?

Hey : )


As the title goes.

Not asking specifically what you hate. It can be easily something that you simply have no feelings or interest for.

I am certain you have come across something you like just considerably less on your musical endeavors.

I also think it's quite a cool topic to talk about, a change from music you like. : )



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Hi @Sebasty nice to see read you once again, a cool thread by the way.


I always try to keep an open mind when I listen to music and you know that I really listen to a lot of it. I try to give a fair chance to every track I have to listen to (yes sometimes I have to listen to some tracks that usually I wouldn't select) for example I can listen to RAP and enjoy it but I can't listen to it for so long. Or maybe reggaeton if I can avoid it I'll do it for sure, also mostly everything label as POP I prefer not to listen to it. 





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Opera & Jazz. Like all other Genres. 

Ay but Clown Core could turn you onto jazz, just let the jumpsuits work their magic...


I generally dont like pop(ular) music.

It's not that I don't like it, it's just that I'm not interested in it - probably Hard Core Rock! It is very intense.

In terms of genres: Classical, any music that's got screaming in it and a lot of bro country. In terms of quality, asinine production and bad song writing are enough to put me off, if a song is gross or has production that just blows chunks, its generally enough to earn a dislike from me.

Hi everyone, 


Thanks @Sebasty for the intriguing question!


It's really hard not to stay with an open mind when constantly trying to discover new music. In this sense, I've tried listening to many things, but sometimes it's simply impossible to like certain stuff and you can always feel it.


One example is the genre drone ambient which I tried to explore and gave it a second chance. But it didn't work out. Spotify offers a lot of great playlists with such tracks though and I'm sure the fans like them. 


Another genre that couldn't match my taste even though being recommended to me was the avant-garde noise. I found it too experimental and far away from music that includes melody. 


Thanks for your attention 🎼 🎶 

I surely never pay attention to what label is attached to any music... For instance, the label POP can be attached to various kind of songs : The Beatles made lots of Pop songs, Billie Eilish makes Pop songs, Ariana Grande makes Pop songs, Miley Cyrus makes Pop songs, Lana Del Rey makes Pop songs...


So, in a same genre I will rather listen artists with something particular, like a tone of voice, arrangements of songs, instruments used in the song and how it sounds.


That means I will not listen Ariana Grande because I don't like at all the tone of her voice, too childish for my taste, and the themes and melodic construction of her songs are rather irritating my ears than pleasing them. So, it will be the same for all the other Pop singers sounding the same and usually mainstream. (and there is tons, maybe one new every day).


In general I will not listen all what is sounding the same. As much as I like Hip-Hop with rough beat and singing, I never listen Trap which is sounding boring to my ears with depressing singing lacking of beating flow. Same for the genre RnB, way too smooth and boring for me. (don't mistaken with Rhythm 'n' Blues (Soul) which is a genre I deeply appreciate).


That said I can listen everything pleasing my ears..


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I think noise in general is a fairly extreme case of a genre to listen to, lmao. didn't have an avant-garde noise example for me unfortunately, but I certainly can imagine the level of "Disattached from Social Dogma" on it. 😄 @Ivan 


My own rather recent experience is about 100 gecs and similar music, I guess new aesthetic or something. My friends kind of forced me into listening to 100 gecs' and I chose "Money Machine" and something about horses.. "Stupid Horse" and I felt like someone poked me in the eyes. 😅

This example is also having that sound of extremely clipping bass and grainy production:



While they are quite cool in their own way, it's not something I'd readily blast on my speakers other than maybe gaining the "wtf?" reaction. 😄


I don't have much love for rises in electronic dance tunes because they're everywhere 😅.


I have difficulties following sounds such as depicted in the drop of this:

spotify:track:45Nv5gg0zmh1Jkch77ijLF:small (the track is a fun concept tho)

and it's difficult for me to find dubstep tunes that are not this. I am much luckier looking for bass music because dubstep that has.. actual bass : ) is now recognised as that.


High amounts of Ariana Grande, Lana del Rey, Taylor Swift and the likes make me bite my cheeks for some reason, posing a health hazard. I am honestly not sure why.

@Sebasty Let's consider my musical findings through the years subjective and this will help me give you some examples if didn't give you a good notion.


My first encounters with the tag 'avant-garde noise' back in the old days on led me to artists like Nurse With Wound and Einstürzende Neubauten. Here are the examples:






Both are really influential and emblematic, but I can't say this is something I can listen to on repeat.

I've actually seen Nurse with Wound mentioned by my friends, but never had a listen myself... So I did. I think the noise examples I got from were far worse 😅 (especially sample for "Black Noise" sounded like I opened gates of hell)


However the beginning of the track immediately reminded me of a specific machine in Submachine 5: the Root. A rather chunky old rusty charger with a large wheel and when you spin the wheel it does the exact same kind of sound I heard in the track 😄

Ode to:


I can't unhear that anymore.


It is indeed the kind of music that you either like or don't get at all.

I think for me its Country and Jazz, its just not my style or type of music I guess. But im really into Pop, Rock, Indie, Rap, and some electric music!

My genres more hate are the RNB, Afro, Hip Hop. 


But, I like better the genres Rock, Pop, reggae, folk acoustique and alternatif

Hip Hop/Rap. It genuinely bothers me.

There are also certain tropes in music that annoy me. One is faking emotion by singing as if your voice were hitching and/or pronouncing lyrics slightly unintelligibly. I'm sure there is a name for it but I have no idea what it is. It has been very common across multiple genres since at least the 1990s.

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