What song is this?


What song is this?


I was on Spotify listening to music, and during an advertisement that came up frequently, a pink-colored background with a girl dancing and smiling came up, and the song sounded really cool. Does anyone know what that music is? It has a rock-funk type of beat or classic instrumental theme. It's like a type of funky rock from the 80s or 90s in a club that someone would play, something like that.


The description of the ad says "Skip over and over (or just skip along to songs)." On the left side (album preview part) it shows "3 months for 0.99. For you."

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Hi @fileronin! 🙂


Music for Spotify ads (the 0.99€ offerings, unlimited music etc) is generally made in the house and specifically for the ad, meaning that there are usually no songs used for background.
Ads that don't advertise Spotify features, have ... 'real' songs used. I hope you get it  😄


However there is one playlist that can be checked out, maybe there's a match: check out MauriceMV's post in this thread!


Happy listening!

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This is awesome album art!!