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What was your favouite Muse album?


What was your favouite Muse album?

I've been a massive fan of Muse since my older brother originally gave me two old cassette tapes with Showbiz and Original of Symmetry recorded on them. Over the years their sound has changed massively to the point you wouldn't even recognise them if you listened to the first then last albums.


Just want to see what Muse album people like the most and if people still like their newer material. For me, Original Of Symmetry was the best album they've produced. Just a raw sound with some massive hits like Plug In Baby and New Born which I can still easily listen to today.

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Great topic as Muse is on of my favorite bands 🙂


My favorite album is Black Holes and Revelations with awesome songs as Starlight, Invincible and of course Knights of Cydonia. In my opinion i like that they try out new sounds and don't stick with the same every album. Probably why i like there new album. 

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Yeah, there are other bands which change their sound massively, like Editors, but no one else comes close to Muse for experimenting with new sounds. Black Holes and Revelations was a great album though, last album before they really went off the radar with their music!


Always ace to meet another Muse junkie like me!

Finally, a Muse topic!!!

Sounds like we share similar opinions, really not into the new album. I could just about take the Resistance but the 2nd Law is too much.


My favourite album is Origin of Symmetry but Absolution is a very close second. Black holes & Revelations was a great album too. 


Have you heard any of their stuff like Eternally Missed? or Fury? I think Fury's on Spotify actually.. but they have such a great collection of B-Sides that weren't released and there are a few proper bangers in there!


In your world's another one, Futurism, Crying Shame, Dead Star, The Groove! there are so many! seriously, check every single one of those songs out if you haven't already. Those songs are what Muse should've stuck with, instead of releasing awful dubstep songs.

In fact, this is the best one.


I'm at work at the moment so I'll check out those YouTube links when I'm back 🙂

Yeah the last album was a bit hard to swallow but I stuck with it and I actually like some of the more classical-inspired ones now.

Definitely like some of the B-Sides. Fury and The Groove are brilliant songs and deserved to be album tracks but you can see how they didn't quite fit with the sound they had at the time.

They did a great B Side called Hyperchondriac music which is basically an acoustic Hyper Music. Eternally Missed is good too and they did a great cover of Can't Take My Eyes Off You although can definitely see why they chose to go with Feeling Good for the album 🙂

For me it has to be Origin of Symmetry. Whenever I listen to it it reminds me of my Sixth Form days (Ah, regression). I think Muse, Smashing Pumpkins, Incubus, SilverChair & Greenday got me through 🙂


I find the newer Muse stuff has become a bit too 'big' in sound and maybe verging on a bit more of the political side. I think they've lost their way a little. So for me I prefer to stay with their raw less motivated but more musically driven sound.

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For sure! Linkin Park are another one who have certainly gone off the bounce, they started off so well, and now they're releasing hard-tech songs with jungle breaks..what happened?

If Muse ever release a hard-tech song, I'll eat my own pants


Guys, it has to be Origin of Symmetry. Citizen Erased is an absolute banger (and one of the best live tracks you'll ever hear).

Not a massive fan of 2nd Law, if I'm honest...


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Citizen Erased is my favourite Muse song 🙂

Has everyone seen this?


@elsalvador Citizen Erased is an awesome track, it's got something for everyone!

it's ridiculously good!

I've had a watch of their new 'Live in Rome' album, and in the version of 'Starlight' that Muse released on their Youtube channel, Matt Bellamy doesn't even touch a guitar throughout the entire song?!


What's up with that!




Origin of Symmetry > Absolution > Showbiz > Black Holes and Revelations


The Resistance and 2nd Law both were terrible, Ive lost all faith in Muse

Absolution's my ultimate favorite, with Origin of Symmetry coming in a close second. 


I enjoy Resistance and The 2nd Law, but nothing beats New Born, Hysteria, or Plug in Baby for sheer musical bliss. 


AndSpaceDementia. I want to become an evil mastermind and takeovertheworld wheneverIlistentothatone.

Interesting about a new Muse album, check it out here.

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To me this says one of two things:


1. they genuinely want to re-connect with the older style of music that they used to create, because it was really really, really good.

2. they've realised they've lost half of their fanbase because their new album is awful, and want to back-track ASAP to show they're still hip.


either way, I'm sure the new album will be better than the 2nd law!

well it can only be positive! I've heard enough of their new stuff to know that I liked their old stuff much, much more!


I don't have a favorite Muse album, but I never get sick of the tracks Madness, Starlight and Uprising.

Well it's definitely worth listening to Origin of Symmetry and Absolution all the way through! Showbiz and BH & R too!

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