Who's your favorite underrated artist?


Re: Who's your favorite underrated artist?


i’d probably have to say “FINNEAS” he just has some good chill and some sort of upbeat songs, some of them might start of chill but then it gets more upbeat but I noticed today that ALL of his songs are kind of about love and ONE is about losing a friend but they are still good upbeat songs that start out chill, for example, “I’m in love without you”, “let’s fall in love for the night”(this one says it doesn’t swear but it does), ”heaven”(so does this one)”Claudia”(never really listened to this but it’s one about his girlfriend) “Angel”(also about his girlfriend and is mostly chill but then like near the end it gets more upbeat) “I lost a friend and then there is a few upbeat ones from the start, examples, “college”, “new girl”, and “landmine” he’s never put out a album because he’s Billie Eilish’s brother and they write their songs together and are in the same room when she is recording it (they record in his small bedroom that is about the same size as mine but my ceiling could be lower idk, but it’s cool to know that) so whenever they are doing that he can’t really put out any albums which I think is fine, BUT MY ALL TIME FAVORITES PROBABLY WOULD HAVE TO BE “HEAVEN”, “COLLEGE”, “I’M IN LOVE WITHOUT YOU”, AND “NEW GIRL” I still like more of his songs though those are just my over the top favorites (I will list all his songs below, any that I didn’t talk about are all the completely chill songs)

In order from first to most recent (according to Spotify’s order)

1. New girl

2. I’m in love without you

3. Break my heart again

4. Heaven

5. Life moves on

6. Landmine

7. Hollywood forever

8. College

9. Luck pusher

10. Let’s fall in love for the night

11. Claudia

12. I lost a friend

13. Angel

(Since August 5th 2019)