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Will Joni Mitchell ever come back?


Will Joni Mitchell ever come back?

I just really miss Joni Mitchell on Spotify, it would mean the world to me if Spotify could ever come to an agreement with her to get her back on there. I get Neil Young won't ever come back, but it is Joni I really miss!

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Totally agree! I wish they could do some kind of deal and get her back! 

I don’t understand why some live stuff of Mitchell is available, but none of the original work ?!??

What is currently going on to get her back or will this become a Young scenario ? Is there a possible timing ?

I know….. I’ve actually just purchased some of her CDs, as I’ve been missing her on Spotify so much 

I have tons of Joni music on my main playlist and hope she returns. I have no time for NY so don't care about his stuff 

Not having Joni Mitchell and Neil Young on your platform should be seen as a not having The Beatles on iTunes level problem. I really think Spotify is making a mistake not figuring out how to get both of them back. 

Thankfully your CDs won't go anywhere if an artist decides to - say - pull out his/her music from *all* streaming platforms at some point. Flac files and mp3s as well btw.


It's actually bizarre how artists unknowingly promote piracy through actions like Joni's and Neil's.

i really hope so. she's one of the only reasons i still use my AM account.

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